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It’s not my fault for Hitler

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on June 22, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…….

Women love to take credit, but never want to take responsibility.  How many times have you heard a woman talk about how she was in college but had to drop out because she got pregnant.  A dozen forms of birth control and she “just” got knocked up.  How convenient.   These bitches love to talk about how shit “just happened”, that way its fate and not them that takes the blame.

Here’s another one that’s full of swine shit.  How about when in one breath a bitch is running her mouth about how fucking smart she is, then in the next sentence talks about how a man took advantage of her when she was “vulnerable”.  What the fuck happened to being so fucking smart?  Fucking cunts want shit to swing both ways, as usual.

American Woman

They cry about a glass ceiling, and then turn around and fucking take weeks off per year and wonder why they didn’t get the promotion.  Show up for what you were hired for you stupid bait bucket!

Yes, without a doubt, my first marriage will be my last, no sense in putting my hand into the fire twice and hoping that I don’t fucking get burned.

American women are a total waste of fucking space.

You are now fucking free to drink about the cabin.

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