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Who lies more? Men or Women?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on July 19, 2009

This is your Captain speaking, welcome aboard fuckers……….

Ok, so some of you might recognize the title of this post as a pickup line or opener used to chat up women.  But I’m actually asking the question.  When it comes to dating and relationships it’s obvious that women are the lie.  It was Albert Einstein who said “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not…”

Women put up the classic dog and pony show when you first meet them.  Then once they have you locked down either by marriage or by squeezing out a baby, that’s when they change.  Well not change, more like go back to their real slobby selves.

How often have you heard women talk about losing weight for their wedding?  And that’s exactly what they do, they lose the weight for that ONE day, then they pork up like the pigs they really are.  Plus, why aren’t they losing weight for the so-called love of their life?  Don’t they love the guy enough to lose the fat for more than one day.  Of course most American women are just way to fucking lazy to do that, it’s much easier for the fat pig to point to her wedding picture and say “see what I USED to look like”.


For the guy the wedding picture is a reminder of how he fell for the classic bait and switch routine.  Hopefully some of these guys will use those pictures as reminders of who really does lie more!  That poor smuck actually thought he was getting the girl in the wedding pictures!!  Instead he got a fatter and more hostile version of the woman that he first met.  That’s why guys cheat, not to get something new, but to get something like they thought they had in the first place!


There is no benefit for a man to get married, unless he’s a complete loser.

You’re now free to drink about the cabin…..

3 Responses to “Who lies more? Men or Women?”

  1. Curiepoint said

    The following math applies:

    Picture B = Picture A + 10 years

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Yeah, what’s sad is I think a lot of women are doing it in 5 years now, especially if she gets knocked up. You can forget it then!

  2. Curiepoint said

    Also, I would have to say that the issue isn’t so much who lies more, but rather who gets away with it more. The social standards dictate that a woman can be as capricious and deceitful as she pleases; I believe they call it “women’s perogative”.

    Those same social standards say that if a man is caught in a lie, then he is a liar about everything, every time, and is only out to get what he wants. He is in fact, without conscience or remorse.

    It’s time to scrap social convention.

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