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Wage Gap Myth? Or Just More Lazy Women?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 1, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…………….welcome aboard fuckers.

Even in this day and age, you still here a bunch chatter about the supposed wage gap between men and women.  I had  the following experience one evening as I was sitting in one of my MBA classes at a private university.  I don’t say that to brag, but to point out on the surface, you would think anyone getting an MBA and spending the extra money to do it at a private college would be on the fast track to the top.  Right?

That night the professor asked the class what their plans were after graduation.  He was curious if we planned to stay with the same company and move up or go elsewhere.  All the men said that we were going where ever the most opportunity was.  All the women said that they would prefer to keep their same job.  Let me repeat, they wanted to keep their SAME job!

Of course these entitlement-minded cunts also thought that their employer should INCREASE  their pay for doing the same job.  That goes back to a great article that Zero Tolerance Man featured here.  These women said NOTHING about adding value to the company, they thought just because they got a degree that the company should just pay them more out of the goodness of their heart.  Not one mentioned anything about doing more for the company, they just blabbered on about what the company and the rest of the world should do for them.

Some of the women were still working the same job that they had before they had any college!  One was still waiting tables with a 4yr degree in a field where there is a shortage of candidates!!!!  WTF?

The professor must have been taken back a bit himself, because as a two of the old hens were crowing about getting a raise, he asked them if they had ever ASKED for a raise.  They were stunned!  They said no!! They said that they felt that their boss should just have GIVEN them a raise (because they’re sooo great).  Again, the stench of entitlement wreaks off these women like smell off of a big steaming pile of elephant shit!

There’s not any fucking wage gap.  If anything there’s a work ethic gap!!  I know plenty of women who advance in the corporate world, they’re easy to spot because they work just as much as I do.  They move across the country if they have too, they do the same things men do to get ahead.  They don’t take “mental health” days, they don’t lash out and then blame it on “female problems”, these women work just like men and they get paid just like men.  End of fucking story you lazy cunts!!

You’re now free to move about these nuts.

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