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Class Reunion? Fuck No!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 17, 2009

This is your Captain speaking………welcome aboard fuckers.

The subject of class reunions came up with a friend of mine.  He was looking forward to his, much like a used car dealer looks forward to going to the auto auction to buy up a bunch of clunkers.  I can understand his game, these formerly hot chicks are the ones who were too stuck up to date guys their own age when they were in high school.  Now these chicks are old hags with stretch marks, fat rolls and kids from different men.

I guess it would be a bit of revenge to bang these former hotties, but that’s a game I’ll have to sit out on.  Not because I’m too good, but to be honest I now have enough money to be able to afford these women’s 18yr old daughters.  I remember hearing Tom Leykis talk about this years ago and once again the man was right!!!

The last thing I want is a woman my own age!  If that’s what I liked, I’d stay married!


Old hags like these are for broke guys!

As men get older we have more of what women want, as women get older they have LESS of what men want.

You’re now free to bang younger, hotter bitches.

3 Responses to “Class Reunion? Fuck No!”

  1. Curiepoint said

    I’ve never attended my high school reunion, and never will. What have I got to say to these people who thought I was a mere cypher in their lives because I didn’t:

    – Play football
    – Do drugs
    – Drink
    – Listen to the Grateful Dead

    I grant that being bitter about high school days is counter-productive, but I just don’t feel any compelling need, even out of curiosity, to go back and see these people. The summer after I graduated, more than half of the girls I went to school with were married and had kids on the way. They never left that small Rhode Island town, and in fact many inherited their homes from their parents. If modern statistics apply, more than half of these are divorced, or carrying on affairs with their sons’ friends, or are so beat down by their miopic world-views, that I have a hard time believing they have anything interesting to say.

    A lot of guys have this idea in their heads that they will encounter that one girl upon whom they had a severe crush, and that she will have grown wiser and kinder in her advanced years. The idea here is that they will look upon him with eyes that will be more accepting, maybe even welcoming. This is a blatant fantasy. Certainly they are bound to be vastly different from high school; but not in any way that will be appealing.

    It’s a waste of time going to high school reunions. Leave the past back in the dust where it belongs. It will not be Camelot, and in fact you are likely to find that people who were assholes to you then will be assholes to you now, and the women will be just as shallow and stuck-up as they were then…only fatter and uglier.

  2. Congratulations on a nice article. A person can have rebound relationships the rest of their lives, or they can work what went wrong in a romantic relationship – whether it was their fault or their partners that ended the relationship – and do things to alter those things. A person might get into a relationship that lasts for years but if there is still a haunt from the prior relationship, the present one will either not work or will be painful for one or both. A recent divorcee demands to ask questions of themselves and find the answers, and depending upon the answers, may well never have a rebound relationship but rather one that works.

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