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Times are tough…….Let’s have a BABY!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 26, 2009

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers!

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Riddle me this fuckers………

How many of  you work with women who complain about how hard things are financially then the next thing you know, the other women in the office are throwing this bitch a fucking baby shower!

The same woman who was complaining about how much daycare costs, how hard it is on a limited income, talking about how expensive kids are, etc…. and suddenly they decide that having another kid is a great idea!


Of course a few months after shitting out another fetal turd, they go right back to how hard things are financially and how their job doesn’t pay them enough!   Yeah, instead of making the connection between their own actions and their life situation, they blame someone else, in this case their employer!

Typical American woman bullshit, they like to do what they want and blame someone else for their problems.  They can’t make the connection between the fact that because they have zero education and keep shitting out kids…………they can’t figure out why they don’t have any money and they can’t figure out why successful men don’t want a fucking thing to do with these used up retarded cunts.  They have 2 or 3 crumb crunchers by 3 different felons and they can’t figure out why their life is fucked up.  You stupid fucking 3-day old left in the sun bait buckets!

Just another reason to avoid these worthless entitlement whores!  They aren’t worth the price of a free rubber from the fucking free clinic!

You’re now free to drink malt liquor about the cabin fuckers!

6 Responses to “Times are tough…….Let’s have a BABY!!!”

  1. Curiepoint said

    This happened to me as well. My theory is that when times are bad, the desire to make a baby is to remove the stress factor of dealing with work. After all, in economic downturns, the level of work increases by a lot for those that did not get laid off. That in turn creates stress, and it keeps one looking over their shoulder, waiting for the next hammer to fall; it just might fall on them.

    Having a baby usually means maternity leave, or even outright resignation. It saves face in that one doesn’t resign out of the blue…they now have a little bundle of excuse to do so. Why should a wife care that the household just went down from two incomes to one? It’s hubby’s problem to maintain the home now. Plus, it creates endless opportunities to bitch and moan at him, blaming him for every economic scale-back that has to happen. In a way, it gives the women opportunity to bitch openly, something that they can’t really do at work without reprisal. It’s far better to resign than it is to get fired or laid off, and thus do they get the best of both worlds:

    – No icky work to endure.
    – No icky bosses around whom she must keep silent.
    – Built-in scapegoat to vent at without fear of reprisal.
    – Martyr complex earned via having a baby that needs care and attention that nobody appreciates (boo hoo sniff)

    Now I know that there is a large contingient of people who will bristle at the notion of raising a baby not being hard work as well…but you know what? Babies nap a lot. Usually that means mommy gets one too, if so inclined. Feeding and changing a baby is not that hard to do, and eats up about 40 seconds’ worth of time. And, the mother doesn’t even have to bathe or brush her teeth anymore, let alone get dressed and put on fake-up.

    These women who pinch off a vaginal loaf, so to speak, do so to remove themselves from the corporate world, so they don’t have to sweat dealing with the realities of work. It all becomes someone else’s problem at that point.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      You’re exactly right, then they talk about how they “gave up” their so-called career. They gave up something that they hate, WORK! And if she is married to a man with money, then chances are she’s not even raising the child herself anyways. Although for the guy, it’d be much cheaper to hire a nanny and a full-time chef than to support a trophy wife. At least once they leave, you don’t have to keep paying them.

  2. curiepoint said

    Cheaper still is hiring a hooker to relieve the tension. I know some guys find it disgusting, but in purely theoretical terms, it works out much more efficiently. Contrary to common wisdom, men who use prostitutes are not paying for sex. They are paying for the woman to leave after sex.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Very true and compared to women you would meet at bars, clubs, or where ever, you’re probably just as safe or safer with a hooker that gets tested.

      And yeah, hookers charge you up front and at least you know what you’re paying her to leave, but a wife you have to pay after the fact and there’s no telling how much you’ll have to pay.

  3. Ross said

    To me, this is the most fascinating thing in modern times. A couple that will only make a certain amount of income during their life chooses to spend a great portion of it raising a kid. Let’s face it, a new parent today will probably be supporting them to some extent well into their 20’s, maybe even 30’s if the economy doesn’t improve soon. Plus, you’re adding more stress, drama, and financial instability to your life. I can usually understand certain things people do that seem odd on the surface, but I just have to accept that I can’t wrap my brain around this one. You didn’t want the upscale Lexus, or the 5-10 years of early retirement, or the exotic vacations? I could go on and on but I’ll spare you, ha.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I agree with you, it’s like watching a train wreck! Especially when they see their family and friends struggling and complaining about having kids, it amazes me that despite all the evidence they give it a go too. Only to later be miserable like all their family and friends. I overheard one broad at work talking about how her and her husband don’t see each other much because they have two kids and each kid is involved in something (soccer, cheer, whatever…). How would you like to be that poor sap, all his money is going to her and the kids that she wanted and he is probably lucky if he gets a little action on his birthday, that is of course if she isn’t too tired.

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