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Hey bitch, I want an abortion………from you!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 8, 2009

This is your Captain speaking……………….welcome aboard fuckers.

Isn’t it convenient how women like to brag about how they don’t need a man, especially when it comes to the raising of a child (although they sure do need the man’s money). We often hear about a woman’s right to choose.  A woman can get an abortion without consulting the father, even if she is married to the father.  Parental fraud is perfectly in this country and if a woman sabotages the condoms or “forgets” to take her pill or switch her patch, or just plain lies……….it’s all perfectly legal and considered to be a woman’s “right”.  Now I am not anti-abortion, I am very pro-abortion!  Hell, I say find a random pregnant chick and talk her into one!

So since Miss Independent can choose to get pregnant and keep or (not keep the baby) against a man’s wishes, then the man should have the option to an abortion of his own.  He should be able to “abort” all rights and obligations to the child and the bitch that is trying to get her paws into his wallet.

Some would say that this unfairly shifts responsibility to the woman, but yet women have no problem with this responsibility during a divorce and she can use the children to hurt the man both emotionally and financially.  Women fight for custody so that she can hold control of the children over the man.  So I say give her this responsibility right off the start…… conception.  After all, they choose who gets them pregnant, the reason you hear about so many deadbeat dads is because women keep spreading their legs for deadbeats.

If the woman knew that she couldn’t trap a man or his wallet then I bet there would be less “forgetting” to take the birth control pills. I also would bet that there would be a lot less allergies to latex and suddenly women would magically make use of the 11 forms of birth control that’s available to them.

Take the financial incentive out of these bitches cranking out kids, it’d probably even help the crime rate since most of the gang-bangers and car-jackers are products of single mothers.  Its a win-win situation.

At the very least, there should not be a limitation on the time allowed to take a paternity test, in many states a husband is responsible for whatever flies out of his wife’s hole.  A man could come home to find her riding the pool boy and then she poops out the kid from the pool boy and divorce the husband.  Then to top it off she can divorce the hubby, move in with the pool boy and the now ex-husband would have to pay her child support for 18 years for a kid that isn’t his and the courts don’t give a damn.  Hell, if they were married long enough, he’d also have to pay the bitch alimony too.  How’s that for justice?

Give the men the same choice that the women have, after all ladies…….don’t you want to be equal?

You’re now free to play pocket pool about the cabin.

3 Responses to “Hey bitch, I want an abortion………from you!”

  1. Capt. No-Marriage said

    Thanks man, that article is DEAD ON!!!

    Marky Mark also has a great post comparing women to Harleys.

  2. Dabir Dalton said

    I have to disagree with you on this issue as any man who willingly risks sleeping with a female in this day and age deserves being taken to the cleaners…So don’t want to end up in divorce court or paying for a kid you never wanted then don’t get married and don’t sleep around with the opposite sex…

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I’ve heard that point of view from several older gentlemen, but I think for most guys, especially the younger ones, sex is very important and simply not having it, is not a viable option.

      However, you’re right, that is one way of being 100% sure you don’t get tagged for a kid.

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