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Boycott Valentine’s Day

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 27, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………….welcome aboard fuckers.

Mark Rudov is alive and well.  For the fourth year in a row he’s calling for a boycott of Valentine’s Day.

I can’t fucking agree more.  Of course the average woman looks at money the same way she looks at sausage………the bitch doesn’t care how it’s made, she just wants to consume it.  Forget about the economic downturn, women don’t care about trivial shit like that.  She doesn’t care if you’re one paycheck away from being homeless, you have to “prove” your love.

Women are so diluted and vain that even though they know that the only reason guys pretend give shit on valentines fucking day is because they don’t want to hear her bitch…………they still act like its a genuine act of “love” and not the mental water-boarding that it really is.   Stupid fucking cunts.

Want to stump a woman?  Try these four words…….TIME VALUE OF MONEY.  Take that money you’d blow on that cunt and pay off some debt or better yet put it in  your “Fuck You” fund.

Then look at the bitch and say “Fuck You”.  Fucking fuck-tard fucked up cum fucking urinal cunts.

You’re now free to buy yourself a quart of beer on Valentine’s Day and shove the empty bottle up her snatch.

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Cheaper to Keep Her? Fuck NO! It’s Cheaper to Chuck Her Out the Fucking Door!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 20, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………………welcome aboard fuckers.

There’s a lot of myths flying around when it comes to relationships.  One of them is the old “it’s cheaper to keep her” myth and while there are cases where this is true (thanks to our fucked up court system).  I think that if most guys get the fuck out of Dodge before the 10 year mark, then its “cheaper to chuck her”.

I’ve heard shit like “two can live cheaply as one”, that’s a crock of swine flu ridden pig shit!!  The truth is once the bitch moves in, you’re FUCKED.  I’m not just taking the obvious shit like utilities and food, but all the extra shit that you wouldn’t normally buy.  This could be as simple as her always demanding the brand names where before you always bought the store brand.  Or how about all the special stupid fucking special lotions, feminine rags and other shit that she just has to fucking have.

Let’s not forget stupid household shit, like how she just has to have new furniture, and new bedding and linens to match the furniture. Furniture which you would have NEVER bought on your own even if you need new furniture.  Women just love to redecorate, it makes their slopholes wet to buy shit that is completely fucking worthless as soon as the cashier rings it up.

Let’s not forget about pets!  Pets can be a double-edged sword because getting a pet could be her way of “testing” you to see what kind of parent you would be.  Not to mention you have to train the fucking pets and feed them, more money coming out of your pocket.

I mentioned, kids, if she “forgets” to take the pill or the condom breaks, then she really has her claws deep into  your finances!  Plus she’ll have to cut back her hours, or even quit work when the little crumbcruncher arrives.  She’ll want all the newest shit for the little rugrat and guess who pays?  YOU!

Don’t fall for it!  If you don’t believe me, just listen to some of the old Tom Leykis podcasts of his show and listen to caller after caller talk about he got royally FUCKED by trusting some chick, by being the nice guy, by doing what was “right”.  Fuck what’s right, do what is right for you and DUMP THAT BITCH!!!

You’re now free to get your balls back.

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Women Don’t Do Logic

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 15, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………….welcome aboard fuckers!

Here’s just a small sample of the logic, if you can call it logic, that I’ve gotten from American women.

Me:  I don’t want to limit myself to being with just one person.

Her:  You’re afraid of commitment!

Me:  I don’t want kids or I’m getting a vasectomy.

Her:  You’re just selfish and don’t want to live up to your responsibilities.

Me:  I want to save/invest my money.

Her: I want a new (fill in the blank)

Clothes, furniture, pets, car, anything that’s loses all its value as soon as you take it out of the store.

Me:  I want a woman who respects a man.  Like back in my grandparents day.

Her: You just can’t handle a “real” woman.

And let’s not forget that jewel of female logic during an argument when her point is so solid that the only thing she can think of is the phrase “whatever”.  Which is her way of saying “I know you’re right, but I won’t acknowledge it”, her brain cannot process logic.

Damn, why even bother talking to these mental midgets?  As I have learned from my time reading various MRA materials, a lot of these bullshit tactics just amounts to “shaming language”, a feminist tactic, but it’s all they’ve got because logic is definitely not on their side or within their abilities.

You’re now free to let a woman buy YOU drinks and hump-n-dump her.

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Fuck Mickey Mouse up the Ass!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 12, 2010

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers.

I don’t know how many channels of fucking Disney I get, but I can tell you that it’s too fucking many!  Just look at your average American jizz trap.  She expects to be treated like a Disney princess, yet she possesses NONE of the qualities of a princess.  Ever see Snow fucking White mouth off at Prince Charming?  Hell no!  He would have dropped kicked the bitch out of the fucking tower!

First off, lets take the appearance of the average woman which I can describe in three words……fat, fat, fat.  As opposed to the princes who is hot, hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The princess is usually very humble, unaware of her beauty and kind to others.  The average woman is overbearing, she has an over-inflated sense of her looks and value and is a fucking cunt to everyone.

The princess is devoted to her prince and makes sure that he lives happily ever after.   The average women is an unreliable, multiple personality, bipolar sack of shit!

American women are attention whores in every sense of the fucking word!  They throw fits when they don’t get the attention that they feel like they deserve and their sense of entitlement stinks to high fucking heaven.

They want to be treated like a princess yet they act like a fucking meth head.  Some fucking trade off.  Foreign women only fellas, leave these Ameri-Skanks to the fucking dumpsters!!!

You’re now free to bang hookers from Peru.

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Lost that “new car” smell!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 9, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……………welcome aboard fuckers!

Have you ever seen one of these Ameri-Skanks when they are “back on the market” as far as dating?  The ones who married young and are now in their 30s or 40s and find themselves single now that their former husbands have come to their senses.  These delusional cunts act like they’re still 20!!!

Here’s how it usually goes…………………..the chick latches on to a guy young, she then gains weight and chops off her hair, the guy either cheats or leaves, and then these bags find themselves back on the market.

The result is a slew of older, way past their sell-by date bitches with an over-inflated sense of ego.  These cum dumpsters still act like they’re 21.  They still throw fits.  They try to control the guy with sex.  They can’t understand why guys their age don’t want a fucking thing to do with them.  (they rationalize it by saying that the guys cant handle a “real” woman).

These fucking used bait buckets need to realize that they are the bottom of the fucking barrel.  Getting involved with one of these whores is like buying a 88 Ford Escort.  They’ve got high mileage, suffer from frequent breakdowns, weird noises, and usually run and look like fucking microwaved shit.

Fellas chuck these battle cunts to the fucking curb and just hump-n-dump their 18yr old daughters!

You’re now free to move about the bar.

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Single and 60! It’s a Good Thing.

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 6, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……………welcome aboard fuckers.

I was reading the comment section of a post from Marky Mark’s blog for his post “Hitting the Wall, by Rex Patriarch”.  One of the comments stated basically that they wouldn’t want to be 60 and single.

I have to agree with Mark’s reply in that being 60 and single beats the hell out of being 60 and coming home to some nagging old bitch.  I mean if she bugged the shit out of you when she was in her 30’s, just imagine how much you’ll hate her when the bitch is in her 60’s!!!!

What I don’t get is this fear if living alone.  Granted if you have zero social skills, having someone live with you is one way of having some type of human company, but a very shitty way at best.  However living alone and being lonely are two completely different things.

Of course there’s the people who say that marriage keeps you from “dying alone”, but unless you both are killed at the same time, one of you will be dying alone.  Marriage guarantees nothing!

That last thing I want at 60 is to have worked all my life towards a comfortable retirement just to be nagged and bitched at until one of us dies!

I mean why are guys nowadays such pussies that are afraid to live alone?  My friends and I used to dream about the day when we all had our own place without anyone to tell us what to do!  Now, the young guys stay at home with mommy until they get married to some bitch who then takes over as their new mommy and starts telling them what to do.

Even if they do manage to move out, they treat relationships like a fucking monkey swings through a tree.  Ever watched animal planet, a monkey never lets go of one branch until he has a firm grip on the next one.  That’s how these people who are so afraid of being alone treat relationships, they don’t let go of one until they have a firm grip on another because they are afraid of being on their own.

Once I have secured my freedom, I will NEVER give it up again! When I’m 60 I’ll be living my retirement the way I want it, I’ll be surrounded by the people that I actually want in my life and I’ll be living with the person who I love the most and who always does things the way that I like them…….ME!

You’re now free to move about your retirement with the appropriate number of hookers.

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