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Single and 60! It’s a Good Thing.

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 6, 2010

This is your Captain speaking……………welcome aboard fuckers.

I was reading the comment section of a post from Marky Mark’s blog for his post “Hitting the Wall, by Rex Patriarch”.  One of the comments stated basically that they wouldn’t want to be 60 and single.

I have to agree with Mark’s reply in that being 60 and single beats the hell out of being 60 and coming home to some nagging old bitch.  I mean if she bugged the shit out of you when she was in her 30’s, just imagine how much you’ll hate her when the bitch is in her 60’s!!!!

What I don’t get is this fear if living alone.  Granted if you have zero social skills, having someone live with you is one way of having some type of human company, but a very shitty way at best.  However living alone and being lonely are two completely different things.

Of course there’s the people who say that marriage keeps you from “dying alone”, but unless you both are killed at the same time, one of you will be dying alone.  Marriage guarantees nothing!

That last thing I want at 60 is to have worked all my life towards a comfortable retirement just to be nagged and bitched at until one of us dies!

I mean why are guys nowadays such pussies that are afraid to live alone?  My friends and I used to dream about the day when we all had our own place without anyone to tell us what to do!  Now, the young guys stay at home with mommy until they get married to some bitch who then takes over as their new mommy and starts telling them what to do.

Even if they do manage to move out, they treat relationships like a fucking monkey swings through a tree.  Ever watched animal planet, a monkey never lets go of one branch until he has a firm grip on the next one.  That’s how these people who are so afraid of being alone treat relationships, they don’t let go of one until they have a firm grip on another because they are afraid of being on their own.

Once I have secured my freedom, I will NEVER give it up again! When I’m 60 I’ll be living my retirement the way I want it, I’ll be surrounded by the people that I actually want in my life and I’ll be living with the person who I love the most and who always does things the way that I like them…….ME!

You’re now free to move about your retirement with the appropriate number of hookers.

2 Responses to “Single and 60! It’s a Good Thing.”

  1. curiepoint said

    Marriage does guarantee some things for a man….misery, mostly.

    When I had first met my former in-laws, the very first thing that became readily apparent was how my ex=s mother treated her husband. He fought in WWII and saw a lot of things that younger generations can only imagine. Just serving is enough to convince me that all those soldiers were heroes. Despite all of this, his wife managed to wear him down to a mere stub of a man. Of course, her daughter tried to do the same to me before I kicked her to the curb.

    Get married, and begin the inevitable slide into anonymity and oblivion.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Unfortunately I’ve seen that too where a man who has charged Nazi machine guns or weaved their way through the jungles of Vietnam; they come home and get torn down piece by piece over the years by some cunt. All because these guys are trying to “do the right thing” and treat these Ameri-skanks like ladies.

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