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Two Fucking People!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 20, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

TWO!  That’s it, as I think about all the married guys that I know, I only know two fucking people who are happy and one of them is married to a non-American woman…..go figure.  Enough said there.

The other one had to go through hell to get to where he’s at now.  His first wife was well………your typical AW.  She ran him through the fucking ringer.  Got pregnant to try to keep him, mood swings, violent, paranoid, you name it.  She put this guy through hell.  But eventually he found the one hand grenade in the box that didn’t blow up when you pulled the pin.  His second wife must not know what year it is because she treats him like its 19 Fucking 50!!!!  Cooks, cleans, takes care of the house, the whole nine yards.  She even likes his crazy ass friends…….even me!!!

Unfortunately the odds of ending up like these two friends of mine are VERY fucking slim.  You are most likely to get the crazy bitch like my one friend got for his first wife.  I’m just glad he got the hell out of there.  I’ve never seen him more miserable when he was with her and more happy than he is now.  He won the fucking lotto.

But just because two guys won the lotto does NOT mean the rest of us should play.  Because like any casino, the odds are stacked in favor of the house.  And in America it’s a house of man-hating mentally ill bitches.   I congratulate my buddies on their winnings, but this game is too rich for my blood.  I fucking fold!!!

You are now free to drink about the casino.

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How I Got Here

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 6, 2010

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers.

How did I get here?  Here meaning the whole MRA/MGTOW/PUA thing.  It probably started a few years ago when a buddy of mine and I were talking about an article he read on  The article was about women and it reminded me of the ads I used to see in the back of car, gun, and other men’s magazines about “How to Get The Women You Desire into Bed” by a guy named Ross Jeffries.  So for fun I looked it up in the internet and very quickly found a copy of it and proceeded to give it a look.

It seemed kind of new age (it was NLP based), but in my search for Ross I stumbled upon a guy named David DeAngelo.  This guy really connected the dots for me.  Granted I had discovered in middle school that being an ass got me women and being nice got me shit.  But I had no clue why.  I had no idea why acting like I didn’t care was so effective when it went against everything I was seeing and hearing about females.  All I knew then was that it fucking worked.

At this point I had already been back in college working on my bachelors degree,  so the whole self improvement thing seemed to flow nicely.  And thats what the PUA material seemed like to me.  After David D, I read a book that he recommended by a guy named Neil Strauss called “The Game”.  That opened up the flood gates and gave me a whole host of PUA characters to research.  Some of whom I still read their material today.

The MRA/MGTOW piece was a little different.  I was just frustrated as fuck, angry.  Like most married guys my social circle had been reduced to next to nothing.  Mainly friends from work or school, that I usually only saw at work or school.  I was pissed that I had allowed this part of my life to become so fucked up.

I had heard of wordpress and blogspot because I had found some PUA blogs on the sites.  So I decided that I would vent my frustrations in the form of a blog.  I figured that I had to get this shit off my chest before it fucking killed me.  So unaware of the number of guys who were doing the same thing, I started this blog.  All I knew was that I was fucking pissed and I had to do something even if it was just writing in the dark.

Then one day I was on wordpress and typed in something along the lines of “don’t get married” and one of the search results was some guy called “The Zero Tolerance Man”.  So I clicked on it and I was blown away!

HOLY FUCKING CHRISTY CANYON IN THE ASS!!!!!!, this guy is saying exactly what I’m thinking!!  I”m not alone!!  Then I started to explore the blogroll on his site and the first blog I visited was Marky Mark’s who also echoed most of my opinions.  I’m still working my way through those guys’ blogrolls.  But that’s when the bubble burst and although I am by no means a “ghost”, the writings of all these different guys from all walks of life have been a  treasure trove of information.  It has allowed me to unplug a bit, to take a step back and see things from a better angle.

Thank you gentlemen.  And thank you to the people who are reading this fucking rant of a blog, I never expected that to happen.  Thanks Fuckers!

You are now free to move about

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