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Listen to Your Elders

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on May 16, 2010

What’s up fuckers!

Here’s a quick hit for ya.  It’s a bit of an older clip from YouTube, but one worth repeating.  Now before you view the clip, let me quote Tom Leykis by saying that “not all women are like this.  There are exceptions to the rule, but the exceptions prove the rule.”

So without further fucking delay, here’s The Kid from Brooklyn on staying single.

5 Responses to “Listen to Your Elders”

  1. The Kid from Brooklyn is trying to save men.
    I made one for ya, Capt.
    God Bless.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks MJ, you and your crazy ideas of women actually being feminine, lol.

      • I tell ya Capt, I dont GET why women dont want to be feminine, it is so becoming. It really is.

        Sure, I am a toughie, thats truth, but I am VERY feminine, and I LOVE my husband, sh*t, I practically worship him!

  2. Capt. No-Marriage said

    Exactly MJ and I’d bet as a result of that he’d do just about anything for ya!! It’s become such a lost art and so rare that when you do find it, it’s almost intoxicating. The idea of gender roles have been cast as such a bad thing when it’s really just nature. But in today’s society when a man acts like a man, he’s a pig and when a woman acts like a woman, she’s oppressed (by the man).

  3. Right, Capt-
    Too bad my sister married a real trash loser. He really is. She is a very receptive female, a submissive gal (not bdsm crazy) just feminine. She works 60+ hours a week, and has the best little boy, but her husband really is mentally abusive, stays at home, while she works. Usually I give men the benefit of the doubt, b/c my own mother tried to make me into a man-hater, but this character really sucks.

    She would have been better off with upper middle class man and being a housewife, she loves to wear really sexy undies, she LOVES to cook, and is good at it. She gets 100% involved in sports and dresses in little short-shorts to show herself off, its really kind of charming.
    What can I say? I warned her.
    There was this really super nice man in the town we lived Upstate, and he had a MAJOR crush on my sister, he looked like a movie star, but, always the buts- “He’s too old for me” He was 17 years older- he also was somewhat well off, he really liked her, but he was just ‘too old’
    You cant win for losing. 17 years older? BFD! He would have made her happy, and vc versa, so SHE FKD UP, and got stuck with a neo-Nazi, and we are JEWS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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