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Half-Assed Happy Father’s Day

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on June 20, 2010

This……….is your Captain speaking.    Welcome aboard fuckers!

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has logged on to their FaceBook account today to see all the Father’s Day comments only to notice the striking difference between the comments for Father’s Day and the type of comments for Mother’s Day.

Today I saw a lot of “disclaimers” on the comments like saying that this only applies to “real men” and so on.  I saw no mention of “real women” on Mother’s Day.  I also saw a lot of bitching by women about deadbeat dads.

Ladies, the only reason we have deadbeat dads is because you continue to have babies with deadbeats.  You also have to understand that if you try to make a guy stay with you by getting pregnant, chances are he’ll haul ass.

Or if a condom breaks, that’s not “God’s” way of telling you to have a kid, that’s a fucking defect in the condom!!  If you decide on your own to bring that baby into the world against the guys wishes then don’t bitch when he’s not out there throwing baseballs back and forth with little waterhead.   And let’s be honest, you should know ahead of time what kind of guy you’re fucking.  Usually if you question a woman enough, she soon admits that the guy was a loser when she met him but she thought her magic vagina would change him.

I saw numerous comments about guys getting women pregnant and leaving, well ladies you have around a dozen forms of birth control and on top of that you have morning after pills and abortion.   You can accidentally get pregnant, but there’s no such thing as an accidental birth.

If a guy were to give women the same types of slick comments on Mother’s Day, he’d be publicly skewed!!  As Marc Rudov says, we have an 11th commandment in this country, “Thou Shall not Criticize a Woman”

You’re now free to smoke in the bathrooms.

15 Responses to “Half-Assed Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Curiepoint said

    I’m not terribly surprised. The only things I saw on line regarding fathers day were clips of dads fucking up simple things like changing diapers or feeding.

    In another note:


    I guess the hordes of trolls that were there recently got his blog shut down.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Yeah I was just more fed up than actually surprised.

      HOLY FUCK! His blog was just up the other day, dammit man! You’re right, I had noticed an increase in troll activity. I guess we only have free speech in this country as long as the feminists approve.

  2. General Lee said


    Tell him setup a web site.

    To hell with them feminists.

    We must have gotten to them.

    General Lee

  3. General Lee said


    This is a crock of shit.

    These bitches can kill their own children and falsely accuse you and pay no consequences.

    Now, they can shut down your web site.

    What a bunch of Nazi losers.

    General Lee

  4. General Lee said


    Please tell Chirs at Zero that we stil support him.

    General Lee

  5. General Lee said


    Someone must have struck a nerve with the feminists.

    I guess the last few posts were too much for them femi-nazis to endrue.

    This is what is wrong with America today. The femin-nazis are taking over becasue we have no balls to stand up to them.

    This is unreal.

    General Lee

  6. General Lee said


    We need a plan to help Chris setup another site.

    Does anybody know how to contact him?

    General Lee

  7. General Lee said

    Pissed Off!

    Yes I am.
    I just read his last post on Sunday night.
    Now, on Monday his site is gone.
    What the Hell is going here? SS must have read some of the posts.
    The bitches cannot take the truth. They can dish the shit out but they cannot take thrown back at them.
    Maybe the shit hit the fan at the wrong time of the month.
    The guy was gifted and he had great comments.
    Now, the damn nazi whores have had him removed.
    Bitches, don’t worry.
    Islam is coming for you you wothless whores of Hell.
    50,000 degress F over your liberal cities is coming you worthless whores of Hell.
    I am non-islamic but you are not going to rule the world forever.
    The world of the feminists will cease someday you worthless STD infected whores with stretch marks, skid marks, and 666 posted in your foreheads.
    Come and get the General Lee you sorry cunts of Hell. Demonic HIV infected bitches of low grade white trash lower class dog shit smelling scum. I had rather choke my own chicken than
    to be married and chained to one of your sorry asses.
    These whores are worthless. The fact they attacked Chris and
    his site is sickening. Anything that has balls must be removed
    by the feminist media today.

    Come on bitches. I have a set of balls. Come and get them you WOTHLESS WHORES OF HELL! I have nice set and they are full of testosterone and they don’t mind telling you that you are worthless. YOU WORTHLESS WHORES OF HELL!

    General Lee

  8. General Lee said

    Never Surrender!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      General, something tells me that we haven’t heard the last of ZTM. As others have mentioned, I had noticed an increase in cunt activity on his blog. You know how women hate it when you throw facts at them and ZTM shoved reality right up their fucking asses sideways!! So until he puts up another site, it’s up to the rest of us to keep stirring the pot.

  9. Damn,

    I cannot believe they forced Allan’s(ZTM) blog into the ground…It had a chock-full of relevant info…and I regularly feature that on my blog. CaptNoMarriage and GeneralLee, probably you can either supersede his site, or [recommended] help him create a brand new blog with the regular contributors–much like TheSpearhead…

    Stupid feminists!!


    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I agree E. I enjoyed his writings. Maybe he’ll write for the Spearhead, who knows. We may not know where he’s at, but he knows how to find us. I’m sure that’s what he’ll do if and when he’s ready. So the rest of us just have to keep on going. Let’s make ZTM proud!

  10. NO MORE ZTM!!!??? WTF!!!!
    He needs to put it back up!

    BTW: This IS a FATA$$ white trash witch!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I wish I knew Jewess. Some blame the feminist Thought Police for taking his blog down. It’s possible someone on his job found the blog, I know I’d have to remove all “evidence” if anyone in my company knew who the Captain was. It’s hard to say but what I do know is that his blog along with Marky Mark’s is why I started sitting in front of the computer and pounding on the keys. At the very least, when I saw ZTM’s blog I knew I wasn’t the only guy who thought like that. Thanks man, where ever you are.

  11. jack_melford said

    General Lee.

    Look like we rattle the cage of some aids infected feminist cunts.

    WTF happen to freedom speech oh I forget this is not America anymore it is feminist amerika.

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