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“The Destruction of a Good Thing” by Johnny

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 18, 2010



What’s up fuckers!  First off, thank you to all of you who have left comments on the various rants I have posted on here.  Today I wanted to share one with you that you probably haven’t seen.  It’s from a slightly different POV than you’d normally read on this blog, which is what makes it interesting.  It was left in the “About Your Captain” section.  So grab a beer and enjoy.

“The Destruction of a Good Thing”

It truly is a shame that as a result of all of the wealth and blessings we have here in the USA, that the women in this country have absolutely destroyed the institution of marriage. There really isn’t anything wrong with marriage, it’s the simple fact that women in this country have become so incredibly evil, spoiled and selfish, they absolutely have not only destroyed what marriage is supposed to be in the eyes of the Lord. They have destroyed the lives of their husbands and their children as well. After all, you don’t see men going in for abortions do you? The Nazis only murdered 6,000,000 innocent people. American women have wiped out over 50,000,000 unborn children since Roe vs Wade….Now that’s some kind of selfish if you ask me.

I have counted 12, yes 12 friends who were married and are now divorced and ALL of them ended up divorced as the result of their ex-wives. These women either cheated or simply abandoned their families because their lives just wasn’t good enough. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Not a single one of these guys caused their divorces and I asked them all some hard questions. In no way were these guys perfect but they are good guys and all in all, good providers, husbands and fathers.

I also am divorced and my ex-psycho was not only selfish, but lazy, violent and verbally abusive. If ANYONE in this world has the right to say NEVER AGAIN, it’s me. Even after all of that, I still believe in the institution of marriage but I will NEVER, EVER, consider marrying or even dating an American woman. It simply isn’t worth it. If I do get married or consider it in the future, I’m going overseas, specifically to the Ukraine. I have friends who are, like me, divorced from American women and have gone their and are very happy with their Russian/ Ukrainian and Colombian wives. Women from other countries, especially Slavic nations have a much different perspective on life, family and marriage. They would do anything to have a good man to be married to. Something American women don’t seem to understand. That’s fine with me. They can all grow old and alone as far as I’m concerned.

Just wanted to share my perspective.


Excellent commentary.  Thanks Johnny. 

4 Responses to ““The Destruction of a Good Thing” by Johnny”

  1. Walter said

    Great commentary. I have never been married. I would like to but agree with you that AW have destroyed marriage. Their total arrogance toward men as being less than human is unjustified. They are no better but many times definitely worse. I look at them and wonder in he’ll gives them any right. They truly make me sick. I try to avoid them The best I can but they really gravitate toward jobs where there is a lot of control over men without the brains to go with it. The always have jobs at the government front desks because you have to go through them also human resources is another big one. They love the control who gets hired especially government depts. Overpaid broads. I know I’m currently doing my duty as a juror and during breaks all office jobs in this place, yes ALL of them are women. Not one man I see works in any office position except prosecutor. What a coincidence. Only the security guards and one baliff is a man. The best revenge against an AW is to NOT MARRY and ignore them as much as you possibly can and still function . They are powerless when you do this. One more is if you do marry marry a FW. That is what I’m going to try to do. But never ever ever under any circumstance will I marry an AW.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks. The ones in human resources are the worse. They act like we’re supposed to be impressed. We used to just call it the personnel department where they filed papers all day, now the PC police came along and gave it a title, human resources. My ass!

  2. Richard said

    It is estimated by the experts that in fact 11 million people died as a result of Hitlers “New Order”
    It was not only the Jews, but Gypsies, Communist, homosexuals, metally retarded, and the physically deformed/handicapped were exterminated.
    You can add to that the deaths caused by engineered starvation, reprisals, terror bombings, etc..
    So the total is closer to 40 million.
    Still, looks like the abortions got Hitler beat. 10 million more is still nothing to be proud about.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks for stopping by Richard.

      Numbers aside his point is that there’s a shitload of abortions and American women are selfish. While I personally don’t think that abortion is something the gov’t should have a say in, I don’t have any problem with the idea that less abortions would be a good thing and yes American women are extremely selfish.

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