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I Want More Out of Life

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 27, 2010

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers!

I want a good life, that’s what I hear a lot from women who have spent their youth banging losers.  Funny how they weren’t looking for anything while some dope smoking idiot was dumping load after load into her as she kept shitting out kids.  Now that reality is beginning to set in and kick these bitches asses………now they want Poindexter from the IT department to step in and fill the financial void.

single mother 5

Single mothers wanting to start a “new” life, of course it’s only new if you don’t count all the fucking baggage they’re carrying around with them.  They want the new guy to pick up the tab for the loser who banged her back when she was at her hottest.  Now that she’s giving you the left overs, you also have to pay.  Awesome deal huh!

What’s crazy is these women who have spend most of their lives fucking losers suddenly have this incredible sense of entitlement!  They demand shit out of Poindexter that their old loser of a sperm donor wouldn’t even consider doing.  Now that they’re all worn the fuck out, now they want to have something meaningful.

I know it’s tempting sometimes guys.  Sometimes these women actually look good!  Just don’t forget it’s the ole bait n switch tactic.  Once she gets you locked in, here comes the pounds and there goes the long hair.  You can forget about good sex!  Blowjobs?  Not on your life!

Of course these are some of the same women who lament about not being able to find a good guy.  Bitch maybe the fact you have 3 or 4 kids is a fucking factor!!!  Do you really think another guy wants to jump in and start paying?  Yes everyone can make one mistake but when you let yourself get knocked up by a loser repeatedly, FUCK YOU!

You’re now free to blow a load in some cunt’s hair.


4 Responses to “I Want More Out of Life”

  1. Andy said

    You definitely put this into perspective, Captain. Thank Christ that I’ve never been a sucker for this kind of nonsense. I’m sure many of us guys have been down this road before. I sure have. Many years ago I met a nice, attractive girl in one of my college classes. We got along well and even went out on a date. Nothing happened. I didn’t even lay a finger on her because I had found out that she was a single mom. I told her I didn’t want any part of that and sent her packing.

    Of course, she got an attitude after hearing the incovenient truth from me. She was pissed because her having a kid in high school caught up with her and there was now nobody to foot the bill for some other loser. Face it. These single moms have nothing to offer us guys and the Poindexters of the world except an astronomical bill. That MILF bullshit is only seen on tv.

    The word “loads” is mentioned in this article multiple times. All I can think of is the catch phrase “Droppin’ loads” from porn star Nick Manning. I’m now inspired to drop loads all over some dumb cunt.

  2. Capt. No-Marriage said

    Great points Andy. Don’t you just love how these women get an attitude with us over something that they did!

    The MILF thing has gone to some of these women’s heads not realizing that all it really means is a chick is still fuckable, usually only after a few beers.

    Kids are expensive, that’s an understatement of course. Even if she’s an amazing woman and her kids are little angels, it’s still going to hit your wallet and your standard of living, big time!

  3. Walter said

    So true. These broads wouldn’t give you a BJ in a million years. They don’t do things like that. Yeah right. BS. When they were younger screwing every jerk (ignoring you) of course they were on there knees sucking tennis balls out of a garden hose to the tenth power. Fuck them(figuratively speaking). Single mothers are a red flag. I own a residential home that I rent out to a single mother and her three kids. She is friendly when I visit but it’s all business. I get the rent then get the fuck outta there fast!! Thanks Capt Marriage!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Exactly, go to any dating site and you’ll see these women with headlines like “done playing games” or “ready to settle down”, hell some even say shit like “ex-party girl”. Yeah sign me up for that! Then of course they have the laundry list of requirements for the guy despite the fact that all they bring to the table is baggage.

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