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What Happens In England……..Probably Won’t Stay In England

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 26, 2010


This is your Captain speaking………….welcome aboard fuckers!

First off, many thanks to Blackchild for bringing this story to my attention.  It’s a story from the UK’s Daily Mail about a lotto winner who’s ex-wife that he divorced back in 2000 was able to get her hands on over $3 million (US dollars) of his lotto winnings.


It wasn’t enough that her child support increased from just over $300 a month to over $3000 (US dollars), no that wasn’t enough for this cunt who is spending the money on her new guy.  Hey, any bets on how long new guy sticks around after she blows the money?

Keep in mind that this guy had already intended to give his ex wife a “big gift”.  If you ever needed evidence that when it comes to Western women that being a nice guy NEVER pays, there you go.

It’s bad enough that there’s this notion that when a couple is married and the man is successful that the woman had something to do with his success even though most times she’s actually a handicap.  But how in the blue hell did we get to the point where a woman is entitled to money years after the divorce? 

So since she’s entitled to increases in his wealth, what about decreases?  It’s basic finance, if you want to share in the gains you should equally share in the losses.  Maybe men who find themselves in financial turmoil should sue their ex-wives so that they can share in the liability?

That would be equal and isn’t that what you girls want?

You’re now free to pay hookers with scratch-off tickets.

3 Responses to “What Happens In England……..Probably Won’t Stay In England”

  1. Andy said

    Ya know, it’s rather ironic that on Thanksgiving weekend I read this article on the anniversary of the beginning of Tiger Wood’s downfall. It’s kind of funny to know that post-divorce, he’s pretty much financially like the rest of us average joes because that’s what almost always happens to the guys no matter who was at fault. Oh and Eva Longoria demanding spousal support money from her soon to be ex when she already makes enough dough further proves that American/western women,regardless of race or ethnicity, need to be avoided like the plague and must have their heads examined post haste.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Good to hear from you as always Andy. I’ve had other people mention the Eva Longoria gimmick. That’s just further proof of not only how messed up AWs are as you pointed out, but also how jacked up our court system is for even allowing it. I mean when you have two millionaires how the hell can you even consider support. I don’t care if one has $100 billion and the other has $3 million, they’re both fucking set! Neither needs support!

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