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Women’s Double Standards

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 20, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

So I was fucking off over on yahoo answers and I came across a question from some chick who got pissed off at her husband and attacked him leaving him with bruises and cuts on his face.  Her defense was that he was bothering her all day.

While this cunt’s question was fucking retarded, the responses were equally fucked up.  There women blaming HIM!  Yeah, you heard me right.  These fucking cum traps were blaming the guy for her bad behavior!

Of course if this was a man who hit his wife, he would have been dragged into the public square and hung without a trial.


But that’s not the only fuckery I found.  No I  found a woman who admits that after getting married and having a kid that she no longer has any interest in sex.  Hmmmm, she gets what she wants, her claws into his wallet, and suddenly she has no interest in sex.  Yeah that’s perfectly fucking logical you stupid cum basket!!

Once again, the responses were about how the guy needed to do more to get her in the mood.  It was all about what he was or wasn’t doing.  Not one of these cunts said “ Hey bitch, give up the pussy like you did before you had the poor bastard trapped”.  No for some reason that phrase escaped the average American entitlement whore on yahoo answers.


I say bah-fucking-stick a corn cob in your cunt-humbug to these bitches.  Fuck you!  I’ll just bang Brazilian bitches till the sun goes down on me and my quarts of beer!

You’re now free to bang a Brazilian bitch in the ass, they like it like that.

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Deadbeats and Dumb Bitches

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 13, 2010

This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

So I’ve been fucking around on FaceBook lately, with my laptop in one hand and a bottle of Johnnie Walker in the other.  I ended up on a page about deadbeat dads.  Post after post of women whining about how they haven’t gotten child support from their exes.


Yes to their surprise they let a guy who was a drug addict or an abuser or just plain loser knock them up… and now ……they are amazed that these guys aren’t paying child support.  How is this possible?  These women all have magic vaginas right?

WRONG!  Actually in the beginning these women loved all the things about these guys that they’re now bitching about.  They loved the dope smoking addict because he was such a free spirit.  The controlling, abusive guy really made her pussy drip with anticipation because he was a guy who knew what he wanted.

Of course having to support not only yourself and your kid or kids but also your loser boyfriend/husband gets old after a while.  Now these women want to cry “deadbeat” as if the guy has changed, but he hasn’t. 


This is just another example of women always playing the victim card.  Poor delicate little flowers they are…… ass!  These guys were deadbeats from day one!  It’s not the guys fault, it’s the poor decision making on the part of the women to have children with losers!  

So girls before you complain about how much of a loser your kids’ father…..or for most of you fathers……..before you start bitching just remember that YOU picked this guy.  YOU got pregnant and decided that it’d be a fan-fucking-tastic idea to have a baby with a loser.  YOU did this!  Put your big girl panties on and shut the fuck up!

You’re now free to smack your bitch up.


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Our Friend Sally

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 3, 2010

This is your Captain speaking…………..welcome aboard fuckers!

As much as we love to rant and rave about how guys need to avoid single mothers, I know that’s often easier said than done for some guys.  Especially if you’re an younger guy who’s just starting out, doesn’t have his career going and isn’t making very much money.

It’s not uncommon to work with some single moms nowadays, so I’m sure some of you have gotten to know a few of these women.  While a lot of them remind you of what you read on this and other blogs, there’s always that one isn’t there?  The one that doesn’t seem like a complete bitch, the one who made a mistake when she was 16 and is now trying to get her life together.

Let’s call our single mom “Sally”.  Now Sally seems pretty cool, she takes good care of herself physically, she’s easy to talk to, hell we might even consider Sally a friend.  You tell yourself that she doesn’t fit into what we talk about here, she’s the exception to the rule!

                       hot mom

I work with a Sally.  She isn’t a feminist, in fact the way she talks about men it’s as if she’s from another country!  She’s fun to have around, attractive, she admits HER mistakes, it’s fucking crazy!!!! So some of you guys might say why not pull the trigger?

For the sake of argument, let’s say that Sally doesn’t change and that she is a perfect as she seems…………………you still have other issues to deal with.

  1. The kids’ father or fathers you’ll have to deal with FOR FUCKING EVER!!!!
  2. If you try to live with Sally the kids will probably resent you because you are not dad and they’ll work against you at every turn.
  3. If you and Sally break up but you’ve established a “bond” with her little rugrats then it’s possible you could be liable for child support for bastard children that aren’t even yours!
  4. Sex will revolve around when she can either get a baby sitter or when the kids are asleep (so you can have quiet sex then, what fun)
  5. If you move in or marry her then your vacations won’t be anyplace you actually want to go like Europe or some island resort, oh hell no, your fucking ass will be sweating your tits off at Disney in 90 degree heat in the summer.
  6. Like fine dining?  Not with two kids in tow, better get used to the playland at McDonald’s!
  7. Money, from extra food to electricity to little league, you will be covering the expenses for another guy’s kids, even if he does pay child support.  YOU will be footing the bill.
  8. And let’s not forget what will happen if she has an “accident” and forgets to take her pill for 2 months.  You know she’s not getting an abortion so you get to join her list of losers paying her money every month.  Good job Ace.

Gentlemen, I know Sally is a good person, but she is not a good choice.

You’re now free to piss in the road.

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