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This Is Not an Abortion Post

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on January 15, 2011

This is your Captain speaking…………………welcome aboard fuckers!

During my brief stint on Facebook (yes surprise surprise my account was deactivated), I engaged the femicunts on various ground-breaking issues such as why more women don’t look like my favorite porn star to abortion to sucking my cock.  The abortion one really pissed them off.  Forget where you fall on that subject for a moment and take a trip with me.

They were saying that a woman should never be forced to have a baby, they said that they should have a choice, blah, blah, blah.  So I said that was such a fantastic idea that we should extend the same rights to men!  Men should not be forced to be a father just like women shouldn’t be forced to be a mother.  Yes, brilliant!

This sent these bitches completely batshit!  They started using the same arguments that the prolifers use against them!  They said the guy made the choice when he had sex, he should keep his pants on, they questioned my manhood etc…..they went right into the shaming language.


Suddenly these women were talking about how men and women were different!  Well how goddamn convenient, you picked a fine time to not be equal Lucille!

Typical feminist line of bullshit, they only want to be equal.  So I say give the people what they want!  Give these bitches their fucking equality because as Paul Elam points out is this well thought out video, “equality is a cruel master”.

As usual, American women just want to be equal when it suits them.  I guarantee that if women knew that THEY might have to be 100% responsible for a child then suddenly these women would start recognizing deadbeats, they’d remember to take their pill and they wouldn’t get knocked up just to try and keep the guy from leaving.  They want us to take the gamble and hope that she didn’t forget her pill or that the condom doesn’t break.  Fuck that, fuck them and fuck off!

You’re now free to look at pictures of female volleyball players.

women's beach volleyball


4 Responses to “This Is Not an Abortion Post”

  1. Andy said

    These AmeriCunts are just psychotic (no surprise) no matter what. It seems like during the femicunt movement, femicunts worked so hard to acheive equality and once they got it, didn’t know how to handle it. It is indeed true that AmeriCunts want to be equal only when it’s to their benefit. I figured this out awhile back which is why I don’t open doors for these bitches let alone let them stand under my umbrella when it’s raining.

    Fuck that shit. With demanding equality, these AmeriCunts wanted to just be like men. You know. One of the guys and “wearing the pants in the household”. Well, due to biology, that paradigm is doomed to fail miserably. That is sure to make the femicunts go off like shit out of a cannon.

    Thanks, femicunts. I’m even more inspired to look at more pictures of foreign female tennis players. Oh, and I’ll be sure to check out the female volleyball players too. Preferably, Brazilian ones.

  2. Doug said

    I was dating a decent looking older woman that had four kids by two different men…first hint. She and I got along great for a couple of weeks then she started making batshit phone calls and demanding things of me. Then after putting up with this for about six weeks she quit calling. Calling her back she started out saying that she wasn’t happy…she wanted this and that…etc. So, I told her that I intended to make her happy…and said goodbye…and haven’t had any contact with her since. IT floored her that someone would treat her so badly…I gave the bitch what she wanted…

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Yeah at first you think you have somewhat of a find because she looks decent, but then you find out really quick why she’s single.

      I met a chick in her late 30s one time, awesome body, she hid the fact had kids! One alcohol induced night after a couple months of banging her off and on she let it slip that she had to get home because she had left the kids alone that night. I didn’t call her back either!

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