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Can’t Find A Good Man?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on March 1, 2011

                            the fantastic whore

This is your Captain speaking…………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Women, especially single mothers, love to stand on their tuna-stained soapbox and tell everyone how there just aren’t any good men left.  But do they ever ask why? Maybe this offers a clue?ghetto-white-chicks

Ahhhh yes, single motherhood in action.  Ladies, the reason there are less “real men” around is because single mothers are raising kids like that.  You are the reason, yes you ya dumb deadbeat riding skank! 

It’s the economy stupid… wait…..wrong post…….it’s your vagina stupid!!  (that’s the ticket!)

You see when you decide to that you don’t need a man and that you can do it all “on your own” (on your meaning with a man’s money, state assistance or both) this is what you get. 

I could go on explaining this but fuck that, my beer is getting warm and every guy reading this knows exactly what the fuck I’m talking about.  Even my two female readers understand.  So I’m out, let these bitches whine about the lack of men, they need to look in the goddamn mirror, then they need to smash their face into it, then they need to suck my cock……wait…..suck my cock then smash your face.  Yeah, that’ll work.

You’re now free to do coke off a hookers ass, just don’t do it at the end of her shift.


4 Responses to “Can’t Find A Good Man?”

  1. Andy said

    I’m apalled at that video. Where’s the father figure to provide an ass whoopin’? A woman cannot raise a boy to be a man because she knows nothing about being a man. Ladies, stop trying to be like men and be careful what you wish for. Meaning if all you want is a guy’s sperm and money but complain that he’s never around then you hypocrites need to rethink your situation, choose your men wisely (wishful thinking) and make up your fucking minds. You’re now free to take a shit from high atop a tree.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I agree man, these are the same women who when the kid is 14 and has a rap sheet longer than my arm are crying about how they did everything they could to raise him right. It also amazes me how quickly these women run the men out of their lives. It’s very common now to see single women with not just toddlers but babies and no father. You can’t tell me it’s all the guys’ fault.

      Yes, yes I shall take a shit high atop a tree after I consume 3 fiber one bars!

  2. I’m going to make a bold claim here; every pussy has a price. I’m not just repeating common knowledge that “all women are whores” but I’m claiming that every pussy on the planet can be bought. No matter how righteous a woman is, no matter how wealthy, there is always a dollar amount that will persuade her to hand over the tang. Yes, that even applies to Oprah’s pussy.

    Thanks for the link.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Yes, I believe it was the ancient philosopher Ted DiBiase $The Million Dollar Man$ who wisely said “everybody has a price”.

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