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Women Of Wal-Mart

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on March 30, 2011


This is your Captain speaking……..welcome aboard fuckers!

So the bitches are suing Wal-Mart.  Apparently these broads are just now discovering that getting knocked up in middle school and then getting a job in retail doesn’t pay very well.  Who knew?

Maybe the women at Wally World are pulling the same shit that women in other companies are pulling?  It’s no secret that Wal-Mart has a way of filtering out those who cannot hack it in management.  They promote you to wally world hottieassistant manager, then they work the piss out of you. 

No mental health days, no going home half-way through your day to pick up your waterhead kid you had when you were 16 and smoked meth every day so now the kid is all fucked up.

Wal-Mart believes in this crazy notion that you have to prove yourself before you go anywhere.  Yes, I know that’s so 1970, but they didn’t become the largest private employer by promoting people just for the fuck of it.

You see they are in business to make money, that’s what businesses do.  They are not charity organizations there to support you and your shitty life choices.

skankasaurusThe reason why women at Wal-Mart aren’t promoted at the same rate as men is the same as in any other company.  It’s the men who are working 70 and 80 hours a week.  It’s the men who show up to work and aren’t taking mental health days.  It’s the men who don’t take months off to have a baby.  If you want the same opportunities as men well you cunts need to put forth the same effort as men and don’t expect a fucking medal.  Just show up and do your goddamn job.

But it’s much easier to blame someone else for your shitty performance rating, isn’t it?  That’s the thing about these fucking cum dumpsters here in America.  They never even entertain the fucking thought that the root of the problem is actually THEM!!  Well Skankasaurus the problem is YOU!

Plus if these broads were such great business material then why the fuck didn’t they just start their own business?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s right, that involves fucking work!  I forgot!  You dirty clams don’t like that shit!

Fuck these skanks.  I say Go WAL-MART.  Maybe next time you girls might get this thing called an education.  Nah, that’s work too.  Fuck of fucktits!

You’re now free to bang some chick who works at Target.  

4 Responses to “Women Of Wal-Mart”

  1. John said

    Warren Farrell’s book “Why Men Earn More” says it all,and Tom Leykis has been saying this for years.

  2. Walter said

    I agree CNM. Starting a business does take work. I have my own business and at the moment It’s busy for me 12 hour days this week including weekends. Also a lot of risk. What do I get if it doesnt work? Jack shit. Surprised most women are scared away? Im not. I noticed most women who start a business start it “AFTER” marriage when they have their husbands job as a security blanket. If a woman gets divorced she should get nothing period, you took the chance bitch now live with your decision, I have too. If my business fails thats my problem. I dont get to take half of someones else paycheck because it didnt work out. American women suck!!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Excellent point about women in business. You rarely see a woman go it alone like men do. They only take risks when it’s someone else’s ass on the line.

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