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Classic Truth

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 3, 2011

This picture has been around the net for a while, but dammit it’s the FUCKING TRUTH ladies!!!

nice ass like this

Just sayin!!!


4 Responses to “Classic Truth”

  1. John Deaux said

    I wouldn’t care so much about a woman’s appearance if she brought SOMETHING else to the relationship table (and no, a mile long list of demands and requirements for the sucker they’re seeking doesn’t count here). Alas, it’s their one and only drawing card they have nowadays.

    Lord knows they can’t cook, clean, be supportive, or be held accountable or responsible for any of their usually reckless, emotionally-driven behavior. Fuck, they even fall far, far short of even the most modest of men’s desires of being a decent, pleasant companion!!

    Deep down, most women sell their sexuality to us because they know that’s the ONLY marketable trait they possess these days.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      John you are 10000% correct. Women like to complain about how men judge them on their looks but in most cases that’s the only thing we can judge them on. They don’t do shit else!

      Recently on my job one of the women have been putting their personal life out there for everyone to see and hear (classic attention whore). Apparently Ms Raging Bitch can’t seem to figure out why her husband left her for a larger and less attractive woman. Of course it’s obvious to the men why……it’s because the other chick is not a raging bitch (or at least not as much of a bitch)!!

      Pleasant companion? As I’ve gotten older I realize why they say that a dog is man’s best friend.

      • Andy said

        It’s a shame that asses like that are taken/married here in The States and that guys like me have to fly halfway across the world to see asses like that on literally every street. And no I’m not even talking about prostitutes. So ladies, if MUCH MORE of you had asses like this then I wouldn’t take my vacations so fucking far away from you hogs.

  2. Capt. No-Marriage said

    I know what you mean Andy, when I go overseas it’s a whole new world. Like you said, we’re not talking about the hookers, hell even the older women (30+ and even 40+) take care of themselves. Then to top it off, they’re actually pleasant people to be around and don’t act like a spoiled crazy bitch!!

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