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What It’s All About……

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 9, 2011

This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to remind everyone what this blog is about.  Well it’s mainly the rantings of a drunk, but it’s more than that……..barely.

These are the conversations that happen all across the world in garages, beer-fridgebasements, spare rooms, where ever there is a beer fridge.  The conversations that happen when the wife or girlfriend is gone and it’s just you, your friends and the booze.

While I do support what various Men’s Rights groups are doing, I am not a hardcore MRA.  However I have learned a lot about the how and why to a lot of the shit I see going on in society. So I raise my beer to them for that.

I’m just a regular frustrated guy who woke up one day and said to himself “What the fuck have I done?”.   I also make half-ass observations of whatever else catches my attention.  Usually shit I write about is sparked by something that either happens to me or someone I know, or from a really cool porn site.

Now if someone gets introduced the MRA movement through this blog and the various links that I have to serious MRAs, then fan-fucking-tastic.  That can be my contribution to the cause.  There are some great MRAs out there such as Marc Rudov, Paul Elam, Bernard Chapin, and countless others.  I look to them when I want the latest happenings on the MRA front.

juicySo while those gentlemen tackle complex social and political issues, I’ll be tackling such probing questions like if bitches don’t want me staring at their ass then why are they wearing short shorts with “Juicy” written across the back? 

So fuckers, thanks for stopping by this clusterfuck of a site.  Since you’re here, go ahead and grab a beer out of the fridge.  Let’s talk about some shit!

You’re now free to smack her juicy ass.

3 Responses to “What It’s All About……”

  1. Roy said

    “Free to smack her juicy ass” – are you kidding? And get slapped with a harassment suit/FRA in return? Not worth it IMHO.
    Women today are an anomaly. A disgusting anomaly at that. IOW, she will dress like a tramp, then brand you a pervert if you show interest. If you ignore her, she hits the roof. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Me? I took the line that these creatures don’t exist and its quite funny to watch them go up in smoke at the sight of utter disdain/contempt on my face.
    Personally, the interest you are showing in your beer is more worthy of attention. May I offer a couple of pizza slices with it? And some scrimmaging on a Harley when you are done? Such are better foci for our attention don’t you think?

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Sir Roy! How’s it going brother!!!

      Trust me, the only ass I’m smacking is foreign ass! You hit on a great point though, if you ever want to see an American princess go fucking batshit, all you have to do is treat her with indifference. Works every fucking time.

      Pizza goes with everything! Even the wine I’m drinking tonight while watching the NHL playoffs.

      • Roy said

        Captain Sir, the going is good, although I am sad to say that Singapore (where I am from) is slowly but surely poisoned by the Kool-Aid of feminism.
        Personally I wised up to the AWEP (American Woman Entitlement Princess) a long time ago when I saw them come to my country in droves thinking it to be “happy hunting grounds”, filled with local men who didn’t know how ugly they were – outside and in. They learned quickly that their s**t didn’t go down too well here, especially with men like myself whose eyes are “opened” so to speak.
        AWEPs cannot abide being ignored as they think the world of themselves, so that’s the best way to tackle them – act like they’re not there. :->>

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