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Alimony Goes Belly Up

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 17, 2011

                      boobs belly dancing

This is your Captain speaking…………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Yet another great link dropped into my lap from Blackchild.  It’s a one page article from the New York Post that you can see here.a_belly_dancing ho 

Now we all know idiots who call into work, then post pictures of them out at the beach or on a lake and later wonder how they got busted ( and why they got fired).  This broad fits right in with that group of idiots. 

Being your typical NYC ball-busting bitch, she was looking to get LIFETIME ALIMONY from her soon to be ex husband because she was a greedy bitch who doesn’t want to work disabled. 

Disabled except for the fact she was able to spend several hours a day belly-dancing.  Then our Mensa member decided to blog about her spending several hours a day belly dancing.  Then her hubby entered her blogs as evidence and now her hula hoop swinging ass will now have to get a job. (yes I know hula hoops are not a part of belly dancing……..unless you’re in a strip club)

However, read what happened to her, she still got two years of alimony ($400 a month) not much but still since she can obviously work, why give her ANY?  Plus she still gets 40% of the proceeds from the sale of the house that probably was paid for 100% by the husband.

belly dancingSo basically you have another of a case where a woman is busted trying to commit FRAUD and nobody gives a shit.  Poor oppressed woman, must be tough not having to live by the same laws that the rest of us have too. 

Let’s see, the CDC say’s average life expectancy is about 78, which for her old ass would have meant 35 years of payments at $850 per month for a nominal total of $357,000!!!  So in other words this bitch tried to mug her husband for well over a quarter of a million dollars and she gets nothing for it!  Nice, really fucking nice.

So guys this is what you get with an American woman, a fraudster.  Yes, marriage is all about love, just sign on the dotted line.

You’re now free to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and watch some Shakira videos with the sound turned off and Ozzy playing in the background.

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