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Avoid Marriage Files: Women’s Bullshit

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on May 9, 2011


This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Yet again I hear a perfect of women’s bullshit while on the job.  This falls into the category of “not all women are like that”, a topic we’ve covered before but since this bitch sees fit to bring it up at work all the time I’ll bring it up here.

This is the chick who got knocked up by a loser and had to drop out of college, then married the loser and decided to have a second kid with the loser.  My prediction is of course that she’ll be pregnant with a third kid from this loser by year end.  Oh, and she’s on gov’t assistance so you and I are paying for her little rugrats.  Just thought I’d throw that little fact in.trailer trash bitches

This chick and one of her “proud” single mother friends were talking about how if they left the loser they were with that they wouldn’t take anything.  “He could have it all!” as the one sloppy bitch put it.

Yes, have it all!!!  But all of what?  All of their Wal-Mart book cases that fall apart the moment you fart on them?  All of their over-priced, low quality rent-to-own furniture?  All the riches of some guy who doesn’t even make $20k a year at the age of 30?  Wow!!!  That’s so fucking nice of her!!!!

Women like this love to try to snag a decent guy now that they’ve been knocked up multiple times by a loser.  But gentlemen, do NOT fall for this bullshit!  The only reason these cunts wouldn’t take anything from their loser lovers is because there isn’t shit to fucking fuck take!!!!!!

That’s like me saying I wouldn’t fuck Oprah to help the war effort.  So fucking what?  I wouldn’t of fucked her anyways!!!!!!!

Motherfuck fucking goddamn ass raping fuck these dumb cunts drive me crazy!!  But on a happy note, we all know that most women don’t discover what a 401K is until they’re around age 56.  So these dumb human Xerox machines will be eating catfood when they get old.  Joke’s on you tramp!

You’re now free to move about the trailer park!


10 Responses to “Avoid Marriage Files: Women’s Bullshit”

  1. Andy said

    Not only will they be eating catfood when they get old but ironically, they’ll most likely be living with cats! This is just another classic case of some bottom of the barrel chick presenting leftovers to the Poindexters/good guys of the world. But any guy like this is not a fool like she thinks he is. We all know what these women always ask: “He liked me back then but why not anymore?” “Where are all the good men?”
    The shit that these cunts do is bush league Mickey Mouse club bullshit. It’s not even semi-pro. They need to leave the good guys alone because they’re in the big leagues now and they earned all of it. What have these skanks done to earn anything? They’ve certainly got nothing to offer.

    By the way, Captain. I was deeply moved by your Freedom post. Congratulations!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Hell yeah Andy! Bush league bitches is right!!! And you’re right, these are the same women who wonder why they can’t find any good men. It’s simple, good men are avoiding them!!!

      Thank you Sir, it’s a nice comfortable ride on this train. All the seats are first class!

    • Roy said

      Andy Sir, may one respectfully point out that you neglected to factor a dildo/vibrator into the equation. It therefore goes that old skank = catfood + cat(s) + dildo (QED).
      I do believe that these skanks are unaware, or do not wish to be made aware, that their expiration/biodegradation date is stalking them like an implacable huntress. One day, it will catch them, they will wake up looking old and raddled, with a disposition that can sour ripe grapes, and wail “nobody wants meeeeeeeee! WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” In other words, as a friend of mine once succintly put it – “men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed, women somehow deteriorate during the night.”
      These attention whores/skanks/entitlement princesses were branded with a big “touch me not” sticker by me a long time ago. And I do believe I gained immeasurably from that!

      • Capt. No-Marriage said

        “men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed, women somehow deteriorate during the night.”

        Now that is some funny ass shit…cause it’s true!!!!!!

  2. John Deaux said

    “My prediction is of course that she’ll be pregnant with a third kid from this loser by year end.”

    I’ll wager you a frosty pint that no more than 3 years from now she’ll be pregnant with her 4th kid from father #3.

    Nice, spot on post, Captain!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks John and yes, no telling how many of her kids we’ll be helping to support a few years from now.

  3. Walter said

    Captain No-Marriage KICKS ASS!!
    Shes on gov assistance? Fuckin cunts. I own a rental property and rent to one of these kind of broads. The only good news I guess is that I get some of my money back when I collect the rent. Anyway I feel your pain. I’d shoot myself if I had to work all day with those broads. Typical white trash American women isn’t it?

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Walter you Sir, KICK ASS!

      Yeah they just crank out kids like a human Xerox machine, no worries to them, the gov’t will just give them more money. I tell ya man, American women are just a shit sandwich with a side of dirty ass.

  4. Perseus said

    I had the privilege of hearing females at work today shit-talk their husbands. Some bullshit tripe about how he doesn’t do enough around the house, and nitpicking the stuff the he does do as not good enough. Phucking ingrateful bitches. He works his ass off to earn the primary income while she kicks it at some coushy job where she has time to sit around and talk shit about the man who busts his ass to protect and provide for her. Puke.

    Cheers to the captain.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I know what you mean. The guy busts his ass to bring home the money and they still bitch. I often hear some of these older bags talk shit about their husband who now has health problems because the guy was doing back-breaking work when he was younger so that he could give her what she wanted. Now she complains about having to take him to the doctor.

      As a side note, I added Man Woman & Myth to the blogroll, great site man!

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