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Crazy Comes in Many Forms

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on June 23, 2011

mind games

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers!

Some crazy bitches are easy to spot.  They go out of their way to let the whole world know that they’re fucked up.  books and chick

But then you have the ones who are just as bat fuck shit crazy, but just do a better job at holding it together.  In fact, some of these bitches will make you think you are the crazy one, but that’s just one of their tricks.

Just a few of the things that these bitches do is they take whatever you say and completely twist it around.  Ever seen a news conference where the reporter asks the politician one question and the guy answers a totally different question?  That’s what happens here you say one thing and she accuses you of saying something COMPLETELY fuck different.

Which that leads into another tactic where they are always accusing you of saying or doing something to hurt them.  Again here you might say one thing then she gets all bent out of shape because even though you didn’t say X, she tells you that you made her feeeeeeeel that way.

upsThey always love to talk about their feelings as if they are fact, all the while ignoring your feelings.  Her feelings rule every moment of her day, changing direction like a fart in a hurricane.

fat_ass_passThese crazy hags also get off on picking out all of your flaws.  They beat you over the head about shit that you did in the past or over some habit you have that they don’t approve of.  Now while they’re picking you apart not fucking say a word about her faults.  Hell fuck no!  You’re supposed to overlook her mountain of faults.  You’re supposed to look past her 3 kids with a loser or the fact that she spends money like Charlie Sheen goes through coke and porn stars. 

If you spot any of these telltale signs then it is time to get the fuck out of Dodge!  I don’t care how good the pussy is, how big her tit are, or how well she sucks cock.  There are millions /more out there with better pussy, firmer tits and will suck even more cock.  Move on to the next one.  Cut your losses before you knock the crazy bitch up!

You’re now free to do lines with Charlie Sheen.


One Response to “Crazy Comes in Many Forms”

  1. Joseph said

    What’s the saying? You spot an attractive woman…some guy, somewhere got tired of her shit!

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