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Where In The Hell Is My Super Bowl Ring??!!!?!!?!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on September 28, 2011

greenbay super bown ring

This is your Captain speaking…………..welcome aboard fuckers!!!

So I just wanted to formally announce that I will be suing the Green Bay Packers.  Those selfish fuckers have yet to compensate for the time I spent supporting them as a fan!!  So I’m suing the fuck out of them, I’m goddamn fuck serious too!

Why?  Because I was there!!!!  Every fucking game, I was there and my contribution deserves… wait….is ENTITLED to be compensated!!!  They owe me!!!  They wouldn’t have won that championship without me!!!

cheerleadersthongWhat did you say?  Did I play?  Ummmm… but I was present!  I was there!  Oh, did I mention that I was actually cheering for the other team?  But that doesn’t matter, I still had on my Green Bay jersey that I bought used off of eBay.  In fact, I actually cheered for the other teams the whole fucking season, but……..I was there.

So riddle me this fuckers……….what would my chances be in this case?  Get thrown the fuck out of court, fined, laughed at and ridiculed?

So what if I were a woman who gave her husband nothing but fucking fuck grief the whole time their married, plus was passive aggressive in every way against everything he was trying to do……YET some how in spite of his cunt wife this guy manages to become a success and starts rolling in the fucking dough.  In that case I could make the exact same claim and end up with a guaranteed lifetime annuity, otherwise known as alimony or vaginamony!woman money

I am sick and fucking tired of these Ameriskanks, who are nothing but a glorified freeloading roommate, taking money from guys who they never did shit to support.  To the contrary they bitched every time the guy had to work late.  They bitched every time he went to a company function.  They bitched every step of the goddamn fucking way to the top, yet once the guy makes it, she wants to take all the fucking credit!!!

Fuck YOU cunt!  Being present does not equal being a contributing partner!!  Tom Leykis was right when he said that women were dream killers.  Hump and dump guys, look after yourself.  Fuck these hoes!

You’re now free to Chris Brown a bitch.

chris brown

6 Responses to “Where In The Hell Is My Super Bowl Ring??!!!?!!?!!!”

  1. Andy said

    Great post, Captain. These Ameriskanks also bitch whenever a guy travels abroad and dates a foreign woman instead of choosing her sorry, fat, pretentious, bitchy ass. Then they’ll wonder why they even got dumped or passed up in the first place…and then they’ll bitch some more. Ameriskanks aren’t even worth a fuck n’ chuck much less the time of day. You are now free to go to the movie theater and jizz in a feminist’s popcorn.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks Andy! Man you’re right!! These broads just don’t fucking get it!! It doesn’t even cross their tiny little minds that the problem could actually be them!

      You know what, I’m on my way to a theater NOW!!!!!!!

  2. Zero Tolerance Man said

    These miserable fucking bitches deserve to be fucked and thrown in a god damned dumpster after they are spermed. Better yet, take a big shit on their faces, then kick their ugly asses to the curb. Only a stupid MADMAN would marry an American woman or any western woman especially in the USA. No matter how repetitive this is getting, we must continue to get the message out. American CUNTS are the most vile, useless pieces of sewer sludge the good lord ever created. I love to watch them age and still demand expensive dinners at a man’s expensive I laugh right in their fucking ugly fat faces. FUCK YOU ANY OF YOU CUNTS WHO ARE READING…………….. FUCK OFF AND DROP DEAD ALONE!!!!!!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Man I fucking love reading profiles of some of these over the hill skanks who have been tossed in the trash bin. Some are fucking delusional and some are just plain desperate! Like you said, this may get repetitive, but fuck it, it’s the damn truth!!

  3. Andy said

    The nicest thing a guy should do for an Ameriskank is to shit in a pie crust, bake it and throw it at her ugly face. Eat shit and get bent, AmeriCunts!

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