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Why Can’t the NFL Support Prostate Cancer?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 11, 2011


This is your Captain speaking….welcome aboard fuckers!

Pink in the NFL, are you fucking shitting me??  God-fucking-damn!!  Ok, so if us guys are so resistant to going to the doctor as the popular line goes, then why isn’t the NFL which has a predominately male audience address male issues.  Or hell, no issues and just play fucking football!

You never see the fucking Lifetime or WE networks doing men’s health month.  Yet the NFL is having their players wear nfl_players_may_be_fined_for_wearing_unauthorized_tribute_gearpink, not just a little ribbon but pink all over the goddamn place.

Now remember when the players were wanting to wear red, white and blue apparel to remember 9/11?  There was actually talk of players being FINED for wearing unauthorized gear.  After some serious ass-dragging the NFL finally said that players would not be fined.  So fucking nice to see where the league’s priorities are at, not with a national tragedy but with a health issue that affects only a small fraction of their demographic.  

cheerleader NOT from americaNow before some of you broads start yammering about how you luuuvvvv  football, yes I realize that there are a tiny fraction of women who actually like the game.  As in it’s something you’d turn on even if you were alone in the house. 

Trust me, usually when it’s kickoff time most women conveniently like to fire up the vacuum, or decide that they need to have a serious conversation about some bullshit, or some other made up fucking emergency that just has to be taken care of right then.

NFL players wearing pink for a month while totally ignoring men’s health issues is just another example of the fucked up world we live in thanks to feminists and political correctness.  We’re surrounded by pussy and not the kind you can fuck!  Hey, here’s a fucking insane idea….How about we just let them play fucking ball, it’s not like most of you cunts are even watching!  FUCK!!

You’re now free to wipe your ass with a pink ribbon.


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