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Why Can’t the NFL Support Prostate Cancer?

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on October 11, 2011


This is your Captain speaking….welcome aboard fuckers!

Pink in the NFL, are you fucking shitting me??  God-fucking-damn!!  Ok, so if us guys are so resistant to going to the doctor as the popular line goes, then why isn’t the NFL which has a predominately male audience address male issues.  Or hell, no issues and just play fucking football!

You never see the fucking Lifetime or WE networks doing men’s health month.  Yet the NFL is having their players wear nfl_players_may_be_fined_for_wearing_unauthorized_tribute_gearpink, not just a little ribbon but pink all over the goddamn place.

Now remember when the players were wanting to wear red, white and blue apparel to remember 9/11?  There was actually talk of players being FINED for wearing unauthorized gear.  After some serious ass-dragging the NFL finally said that players would not be fined.  So fucking nice to see where the league’s priorities are at, not with a national tragedy but with a health issue that affects only a small fraction of their demographic.  

cheerleader NOT from americaNow before some of you broads start yammering about how you luuuvvvv  football, yes I realize that there are a tiny fraction of women who actually like the game.  As in it’s something you’d turn on even if you were alone in the house. 

Trust me, usually when it’s kickoff time most women conveniently like to fire up the vacuum, or decide that they need to have a serious conversation about some bullshit, or some other made up fucking emergency that just has to be taken care of right then.

NFL players wearing pink for a month while totally ignoring men’s health issues is just another example of the fucked up world we live in thanks to feminists and political correctness.  We’re surrounded by pussy and not the kind you can fuck!  Hey, here’s a fucking insane idea….How about we just let them play fucking ball, it’s not like most of you cunts are even watching!  FUCK!!

You’re now free to wipe your ass with a pink ribbon.


13 Responses to “Why Can’t the NFL Support Prostate Cancer?”

  1. Ed said

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the NFL is the highest form of mysandry. It’s feminists way of saying “Men work for us. And don’t you forget it.”

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Exactly, they’re probably laughing at how they made the big tough guys of the NFL run around on the field in pink.

      Thanks for stopping by Ed.

      • Andy said

        True. This is the ultimate bullshit in emasculation. The only pink that matters is a foreign pink taco stand.

  2. Zero Tolerance Man said

    American women are a bunch of worthless turds. But who gives a fuck about men in this country when we built the whole god damned place? I fucking hate white women with their mother fucking sense of entitlement. I will shit upon those pink ribbons and then we can get out own blue prostate ribbons, shoot prostate cum on them and mail them to these fucking cunt women’s organizations.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Yeah, men are so stupid yet somehow anything that’s ever fucking been built throughout history has been built by men! Always good to hear from you ZTM, keep kicking their asses brother!!

  3. Walter said

    CNM kicks ass again! I love CNM! I watch baseball not much football but this is so ridiculous. Wear pink for a month? This country is run by pussies. Big tough NFL people bending over for American broads? Fuck the NFL. I like the part you wrote they fire up the vacuum during the game as if there is no other time to do it. AW are such assholes. Half a day out of the year for guys to get together and the rest of the year for women and thats too much for some women too handle?? Thankfully I’m not married and get to watch other men to suffer the midgame vacuum.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Hell, better hope they don’t make them use pink fucking bats for the World Series!!! Or pink hockey sticks for the Stanley Cup Playoffs!! HOLY FUCK!!

      • Andy said

        This country is run by pussies yet good, hard-working men are not getting any pussy! If they are then it’s because of a stroke (no pun intended) of luck, they seriously lower their standards or their significant other uses it as a weapon to get something. In other words, not enough love making just for the sake of fun and well being. The irony in this is that regular ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer. It’s bad enough that the NFL doesn’t support prostate cancer and even worse that guys who deserve “attention” have to resort to finding a time and place to jerk off. I believe that is also a preventative against prostate cancer but that is the equivalent to an appetizer and can only hold one over for so long. Eventually, a “main course” is needed for total satisfaction.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if more American men made their way across the pond not to attend that annual bullshit NFL game in London but to get connecting flights to Eastern Europe and date real women.

  4. Andy said

    By the way, I noticed that some college football teams are also sporting the pink. Great. As if seeing it in the NFL wasn’t enough.

  5. Breast Cancer Awareness Month? We’re coming up on week 7 and it seems like these cocksuckers have been wearing pink since the preseason. I could get on board with a little pink ribbon on the uniform or helmet if it wasn’t the only goddamn cause that the NFL supported. I know that they are also big supporters of the Play 60 get our lazy, bloated kids away from the video games for a little while, but it isn’t minutely as apparent as this whole breast cancer campaign. I do, however, want to show my support to the NFL’s breast cancer cause. I will personally check every single cheerleaders breasts for lumps so long as they stick a finger in my ass and make sure my prostate is functioning normally. Bottom line, leave the breast cancer thing to the WNBA if it is still in fact intact, and let’s play some friggin football.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      You’re dead on man! The NFL supports a ton of causes, yet none of them get a fraction of the attention that this gets. I also applaud you for your “hands on” commitment to the cause. You don’t bullshit around with pink ribbons, you go straight for the tits!!! Just the way it should be!!!

  6. Bharath said

    I have interest in fucking veritly

  7. Yobabydaddy said

    This is our fault as Men because, Men will do anything to satisfy a women, even if it goes against his own best interest.

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