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Shit That Really Pisses Me Off!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 16, 2011

What’s up you fucking fuckers!

Well fuck, I signed into my Twatter….I mean Twitter account today and had a message from the Great One himself, ZTM (the Zero Tolerance Man).  His blog got hacked.

angry-feminist-i-hate-you-with-my-vaginaSo if you’ve been clicking on the link to his site over there on the right hand side, that’s what the fuck has happened.  And this REALLY pisses me off!

No disrespect to any of the great sites and blogs out there, I’ve mentioned it before that ZTM’s site was the first I found way back when I typed in “fuck marriage” into the Google search box.  Here was a guy who echoed the same shit me and so many other guys have been going through. We were fed up with women’s bullshit! 

His site led me to many of the sites you will find on my blogroll, the commentary and even the comments on his site are always top fucking notch! 

But don’t despair fuckers, ZTM’s message also said “need to start again”, so if you think he’s quitting, no fucking chance.  So right now I need all you fuckers to join me and raise your PBR and toast ZTM.  He’ll be back!

hell fuck yes

7 Responses to “Shit That Really Pisses Me Off!”

  1. Doyourownresearch said

    I had his site saved to my favorites… I figured some crazy broads has something to do with it, possbile manginas too.

    Give us an update when his new site comes back up. Cheers

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Don’t worry, as soon as I know he’s back I’ll give him a plug on here like I did last time. I love his work.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to drink some PBR.

  2. Zero Tolerance Man said

    OK here it is. It’s back:

  3. Zero Tolerance Man said

    Please fix the link to my page.

  4. ganjaninja said

    Haha, his blog got deleted again. Good riddance.

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