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Bullshit Reason #5,678,234 She Isn’t on ANY Form of Birth Control

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 6, 2011


This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!!

Tom Leykis said it often and he was 1000000% correct in that if a woman is not on birth control then she wants a baby.  And to remind the young guys this means just because YOU are wearing a condom doesn’t mean she won’t try to pull it off during sex or several other tricks we’ve all heard about.  If she’s not on something, run.  Just fucking run unless you like paying for pussy on an 18+ year payment plan sponsored by the government.

Of course women have tons of lame excuses as to why they aren’t on birth control.  I’ve just recfat-women-in-denialently heard one, it’s not completely new, but when you factor in who said it, that’s what gives it the twist.

I heard a woman say that she has never and would never be on any sort of birth control because she didn’t like what it did to a woman’s body (as if childbirth is kind to a woman’s body).  She said she was concerned with her health, but here’s the rub……….she was also a good 50 or 60 pounds overweight.

Oh yeah, really goddamn concerned with your health aren’t you sweetheart?  I’ve seen this broad chow down on greasy hamburgers during lunch, she talks about drinking margaritas all the time and the bitch couldn’t find a gym if you stuffed a GPS up her twat but she isn’t on birth control because she is concerned about her health!!!!

This not only proves Miss Piggy is just like any other baby crazy bitch.  It also illustrates just how out of touch with reality and just how much American women are in love with the smell of their own bullshit! 

You know what fellas, we need to be healthy too and the best way to stay healthy physically and financially is to stay the fuck away from American women.

You’re now free to move about Eastern Europe.

eastern-europe hoes

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4 Responses to “Bullshit Reason #5,678,234 She Isn’t on ANY Form of Birth Control”

  1. Xsquid said

    Well said but some may just lie their on bc. Take no chance

  2. Zero Tolerance Man said

    Condoms 100% of the time, but sex never with American women. Most of their twats smell like rotten tuna anyway. Kick American women to the curb where they belong.

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