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Avoid Marriage Files: Women Whose Life Goal is to Get Knocked Up

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 13, 2012

obese pregnant

This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!

How many of you guys have heard this one, a woman who is loud and proud that the only goal she has in life is to be a mother.  Now there might be some people out there, especially other cum dumpsters, who think there is nothing wrong with that.  But let’s look beyond the feel good bullshit, shall we?

Usually women like this are working some dead-end job, no education and the only thing they have going for them is the fact they have a slop hole.  Yet they want to bring another human being into the world without any regard as to what kind of conditions the kid would grow up in.  They don’t give two fucks who the father will be and in many cases when they do get knocked up they don’t fucking know who the father actually is.fat pregnant bitch

Many of these bitches are either expecting a man to come in and pay for everything or they’ll just leach off a bunch of government programs.  Either way they are looking for someone else to foot the bill while these cunts play house and raise the next generation of gang members.

What turns my stomach is that even in a corporate setting when some bitch makes a comment like that people act like this is a legitimate life goal.  It’s not, it’s a fucking biological function that happens every day.  A goal is something that takes planning and effort, spreading your legs doesn’t count as either.  Although as fat as most American women are I suppose you could argue that the act of spreading those massive fucking thighs would count as effort. 

These are some of the dream killers that Tom Leykis talks about.  These are women who want you to bust your ass so that you can pay for their dream of sitting on their ass watching daytime television for the rest of their lives.  These women have no idea of what a real goal is because they’ve never fucking had one.  Fuck these broads!

You’re now free blow a load in her eye.

sandra alionco

3 Responses to “Avoid Marriage Files: Women Whose Life Goal is to Get Knocked Up”

  1. bmarcus89 said

    Reblogged this on bmarcus89.

  2. The Mad Jewess said

    Ya all are just better off looking at a good looking gal.
    Stay far away from them.
    Most women are evil now

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