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Who’s In Your Wallet???

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 23, 2012


This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!!

So I wanted to take some time to speak to those of you who struggle just to keep the fucking lights on in your piece of shit apartment or shack of a fucking house that you’re renting.  Maybe you’re busting your ass to go to school and work full-time or you are just starting out in your career. Perhaps you’ve started your own business and haven’t started earning much yet.

This isn’t just going to be a post about how I’ve been where you are and hang in there and all that bullshit.  Although that is true.  What I want to address is a very specific landmine that you will encounter, probably many times, between now and when you get to where you want to be.

Right now you probably have an endless supply of single mothers and other chicks in need of some kind of fucking rescuing.  You need to do everything you can to avoid getting tied down with any of these bitches.  Stay focused on why you are going through all the hell and sacrifice right now to achieve your goals and dreams because that’s what they are, YOUR goals and dreams.  You are NOT going through all this shit just to subsidize some broad’s poor decisions.

What made me think of this was a guy we hired a while back where I work.  The guy is a veteran, he worked a blue collar job for a while and put himself through college.  Now he’s with a professional firm making a good salary, but fat bitchhe had to bust his ass to get here.  Like most firms we have administrative help that typically consists of uneducated women, many of whom are single mothers who now that they’ve been left with kids from some loser(s), they suddenly want to find some sucker to foot the bill.

This guy became involved with one such bitch who has two kids from two different guys, neither of which pay child support.  Go figure.  Anywhore, he starts dating this bitch and is basically being her Captain Save A Dumb Bitch Who Has Made Multiple Shitty Life Choices.  And yes I do mean multiple shitty choices, this broad is in debt, credit cards, evictions, repossessions, you fucking name it.  The only thing she brings to the table is a worn out vag, stretch marks, and a what was probably a nice body 10yrs ago but now is just a chunky shell of what was.

This fucking guy is riding in on his retarded white horse, forgetting all the work and sacrifice that it took for him to get where he is, forgetting all the things he was going to do and the lifestyle he wanted to live.  This guy is lowering his standard of living to prop up hers and clean up the mess that multiple guys left her with.  Guys that got to fuck her back when she was still hot!  He doesn’t even get that!  He gets the fupa and fatback!!

For me, I didn’t bust my ass to get where I am today to subsidize some freeloading cunt’s hopes and dreams.  I’m not going to drive a fucking Corolla or goddamn minivan just because some bitch got knocked up by a bunch of other guys and now she needs “help”.   Fuck that and fuck you bitch if you think I’m picking up your slack.  If you think I’m some kind of damn charity where my blood, sweat and tears will pay for the wages of your fuckery then you are sadly fucking mistaken!

Don’t even lose sight of why you are working your fucking ass off fellas, you are doing it for YOU!!  Not some disposable piece of ass.  You need to look out for number fucking one and never lose sight of that!

You’re now free to live the lifestyle you deserve and worked for.


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Men Spend Stupidly???

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 14, 2012

life in suburbia

This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Special thanks to Andy, a regular reader of this mess of a blog I’m running here for sending me a link to this Time magazine article.  I know what you’re thinking, Time is still in business?  Yeah, I didn’t know they were still around either.  Judging by the following article, they won’t be around much longer if they continue to pedal shit like this.

So here’s the link.

I hate even giving credit to this piece of fucking shit that has been pawned off as journalism.  The author, and I use the word author loosely, claims that guys spend stupidly when there are fewer women around.  Whatever the fuck that means. 

So fuck this article, I’m not even going to dignify that piece of pussy-whipped shit with a response, you want to know what men spend stupidly on?  I’ll tell you, because this fuckwad of an article damn sure didn’t sum it up.

Drive through some of the subdivisions that were built during the housing boom, you know the ones.  The ones where all the houses look alike and they’re crammed so close together that you can smell it whenever your neighbors fart.

fat girlfriendNotice the fat nasty-assed wife waddling through the front yard as she peels herself out of her fucking minivan that the guy paid for.  Or the ones where the guy has to buy her a fucking SUV to carry her big ass around and the 2.5 kids that SHE wanted.

THAT is what men waste money on.  They waste money on helping some lazy bitch fulfill her life dream of not doing a fucking dream.  Men should be spending money on themselves!  That means YOUR retirement funds, your vacations, not vacations to fucking 6 Flags or fucking Disney because you have to haul some fucking wombturds around.  You should have the biggest fucking TV that can fit into your place, filled with more porn than any one person could ever hope to watch.  All the fucking sports channels, every fucking game even of shit you don’t watch!

Fuck all this political correct bullshit.  One fucking minute you’ve got bitches complaining that there aren’t real men around, then when real men do what they fucking want, they complain about that.  So fuck them, you need to take care of number one, numero fucking goddamn uno, YOU!!!!!

You are now free to buy whatever the fuck you want!


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