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Men Spend Stupidly???

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 14, 2012

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This is your Captain speaking………..welcome aboard fuckers!

Special thanks to Andy, a regular reader of this mess of a blog I’m running here for sending me a link to this Time magazine article.  I know what you’re thinking, Time is still in business?  Yeah, I didn’t know they were still around either.  Judging by the following article, they won’t be around much longer if they continue to pedal shit like this.

So here’s the link.

I hate even giving credit to this piece of fucking shit that has been pawned off as journalism.  The author, and I use the word author loosely, claims that guys spend stupidly when there are fewer women around.  Whatever the fuck that means. 

So fuck this article, I’m not even going to dignify that piece of pussy-whipped shit with a response, you want to know what men spend stupidly on?  I’ll tell you, because this fuckwad of an article damn sure didn’t sum it up.

Drive through some of the subdivisions that were built during the housing boom, you know the ones.  The ones where all the houses look alike and they’re crammed so close together that you can smell it whenever your neighbors fart.

fat girlfriendNotice the fat nasty-assed wife waddling through the front yard as she peels herself out of her fucking minivan that the guy paid for.  Or the ones where the guy has to buy her a fucking SUV to carry her big ass around and the 2.5 kids that SHE wanted.

THAT is what men waste money on.  They waste money on helping some lazy bitch fulfill her life dream of not doing a fucking dream.  Men should be spending money on themselves!  That means YOUR retirement funds, your vacations, not vacations to fucking 6 Flags or fucking Disney because you have to haul some fucking wombturds around.  You should have the biggest fucking TV that can fit into your place, filled with more porn than any one person could ever hope to watch.  All the fucking sports channels, every fucking game even of shit you don’t watch!

Fuck all this political correct bullshit.  One fucking minute you’ve got bitches complaining that there aren’t real men around, then when real men do what they fucking want, they complain about that.  So fuck them, you need to take care of number one, numero fucking goddamn uno, YOU!!!!!

You are now free to buy whatever the fuck you want!


6 Responses to “Men Spend Stupidly???”

  1. Ed said

    The key here for young bachelors is to understand that a piece of ass is not worth your liberty and assets that you work hard for. Yes, loneliness from time to time can be a drag. And not getting any for an extended time sucks but hell, if she’s not getting every little thing she wants she’s not going to give you any anyways. And most of the time neither you not her know what the fuck she wants. So live life. Good luck to the 23 year old guys who stumble on this.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks Ed! You’re right, it does suck sitting alone in your studio apt when you’re 23 and not getting laid. These guys need to know that it gets better!

      What we need to keep telling these 23yr old guys is that if they don’t dig themselves into a hole with a wife and her kids then when he’s older he’ll be set and he’ll have 23yr old chicks begging him to stick it to them. By then he’ll probably have had a vasectomy and he’ll be able to bang away (still using a condom of course).

  2. Kyle said

    What’s sad also is that your picture of a “fat” woman does not constitute the standard American fat women. I mean women aren’t just fat these days, they are huge walking masses of goo. That picture you posted, let’s just say that if your wife eats whatever she wants and doesn’t exercise, you are to the lucky end of the spectrum if that’s the maximum amount of weight she gains.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      You know that is so fucking true! I mean it’s sad as fuck, but true. I guess what really bothers me is guys keep putting up with it, guys keep marrying these broads, guys keep liking their “fatkini” pictures and commenting, it’s fucking sick that in many ways men have done this to themselves.

  3. YummyProsciutto said

    The tone of condescension towards men in the Time article was terrible. Impossible to write that way about any PC-protected group: women, gays, blacks, etc….

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