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Avoid Marriage Files: No Deal!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on September 4, 2012

no deal

This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!

Shout out to “Col” who sent me the following feel good article from across the pond.

Mr. Brown sounds like the typical nice guy, trying to do the right thing for his family only to find out that his wife has been fucking around on him.  So he dumps her ass even though it means sleeping on the floor at  his parents place.  Then……he goes on the show Deal or No Deal and wins 50,000 Euros!!! (roughly $62k in American dollars)

Now obviously this guy has seen some of his chaps get royally fucked by the Queen and her Court, so he knew unless he spend the money, she’d get her grubby little hands on it.  So that’s what he did.

But this guy didn’t go crazy, he was actually quite responsible and she should be thankful because if it was a woman I can guarantee you that if you give a woman fifty grand in cash she come back a week later with seventy grand in credit card debt. 

Speaking of debt, that’s what this guy did, as in he paid off 15k in joint debt that they had acquired during the marriage.  So this guy helped this broad (and himself) by wiping out their debt.  That alone should have been enough to shut this bitch up, but of course the second she got wind of his winnings she was in court trying to get her cut.  Too bad it was all gone!!  HA! Stupid cunt, tricks are for dumb broads like yourself!

He also took a trip, bought shit for their kids, got himself a used car and an electrician’s course so he could get a new job after being laid off.

Again, this woman is lucky to have an ex as responsible as this guy but yet look how ungrateful this money-grubbing whore was!  She didn’t give a shit about the debt that he paid off that she probably ran up herself buying a bunch of worthless ass shit.  Like most women, she can’t see past her own fupa.

So let’s all raise our glass and drink a pint for Mr. Brown, hell I’m drinking two!  It’s nice to see a story where the guy wins. 

You’re now free to laugh in some bitch’s face!

deal girls

9 Responses to “Avoid Marriage Files: No Deal!!!”

  1. Andy said

    Hear, hear! I sure hope that smart man is laughing like a hyena during the day and sleeping well at night with a joker grin! Thanks to the help of the Brits, we can chalk up another one for single life. Cheers!

  2. Yeaaahh! It sure is GREAT to hear that a guy outfoxed and out-thought his swine of an unfaithful wife, wiped out his debt, and simultaneously made sure that she got NOTHING!

    Say, Captain: I wonder what she was more pissed-off about — the fact that he spent it all before she could get her greedy paws on any of it, or the fact that he spent it all on USEFUL things?!

    “…because if it was a woman I can guarantee you that if you give a woman fifty grand in cash she’d come back a week later with seventy grand in credit card debt”.
    The only thing that you forgot to mention was that she also would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it!

    • You are right about how women know how to blow through money and have absolutely not a damn thing to show for it, except a bill. What’s sad is that if this happened here in the States, the court probably would have just awarded her a fucking judgement for the money.

  3. Calvin said

    If you are going to read one book this decade…..this is book! If you have a low opinion of women now…wait until you read this book….you will run from them like the plague!

  4. Dating / Marriage / Begetting children with Western used-up, man-hating, feminazi uggos — NO Deal!!

    MGTOW — DEAL!!

    (Sorry, Captain, for this being so late — it just didn’t hit me until now!)

  5. Rob said

    What a self centered jerk – but then thats true of all cheating wives.

    • It’s also true of the vast majority of Western women.

      Some MGHOW put it best (I’m paraphrasing): “A man’s best and wisest choices for his life nowadays are to refuse to date, to not marry, and to not have children; modern society leaves him with very little else.”

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