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Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 7, 2012

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This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers, it’s been a while!

A while back I did a post about shit that you never hear married guys say and I got some awesome comments from you guys.  I even got a comment from one of my 3 female readers.  A comment that merits some additional attention, it’s from reader Mina.

“There are a few of us out here who really do care about our husbands and want to have sex with them all the time, even going so far as to work out so we look better in tiny mini skirts and no underwear to tempt him into it during pool games in the basement. We are out here, really. but… based on a lot of reading I’ve done lately there certainly are not a lot or even enough of us. my working theory so far is how the world is conspiring to make people into sheep from elementary school as clearly that’s where the girls are taking a left turn. I am sure I managed to avoid it only because of my strong, intelligent (alpha) father and my love of star trek and horses. I don’t have any answers and probably just as many if not more questions that you do. the state of the state of women and specifically male/female relations is very, very bad. one thing you may be able to look forward to is how things will change/improve with the economic contraction and possible collapse. Women will certainly start to see the value of MEN again and there will be a lot less time and energy for whining and complaining about how unfulfilling and unhaaaappy their lives are. It’s a shame that we wasted this era of plenty and leisure during our historic energy surplus the way we have. we don’t have this much free time to look forward to in our futures”

Mina I spend the majority of time here talking about what men are most likely to encounter.  I think it’s safe to say that most guys are aware that women like you exist much in the same way we know that PowerBall winners exist.  We know it happens, but the odds are it won’t happen to us.

Part of what has gone wrong with women is pure human nature and is the fault of the court system.  When you give one group power over another, they will never fail to use it to their advantage.  As long as women have the full backing of the state, they will never change.

To be honest Mina’s comment was well written, thought out and speaks for itself, I just thought I’d share it with the broader audience.  Time for another beer fuckers, I’ll catch you guys later!

You’re now free fuck about the cabin.


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