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It’s About Time!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on February 6, 2013


This is your Captain speaking… the hell you been fuckers!!!  Welcome aboard!!!

I spend a lot of time talking about how shitty our court system has become and how shitty our judges are in this CUNTry.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find a judge not putting up with some broad’s shit.  I mean how typical is her attitude among Western women?  She is the poster child for entitlement princess.

I bet this was the first time she didn’t get her way just by flipping her hair or batting her eyes.  She’s probably in the hospital in ICU because her body probably went into severe shock as her glass slipper fell to the jailhouse floor and shattered into a million pieces.

This shit put a huge smile on my face and I hope it does yours as well.

You’re now free to tell a bitch NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “It’s About Time!!!”

  1. Flipping off a sitting judge in his own court and telling him to fuck off will get you a contempt charge. If a monetary fine doesn’t work, you go to jail. Do it again when you come out, and he will throw your ass straight back in there for even longer.

    If only they were as quick to punish women who violate visitation orders!

    Same will happen if you try it on the speaker of the house while house is in session. These places are like the piston chambers of an engine – they are the basic, irreducable parts of an operating government.

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