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Full Metal Viking!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on May 1, 2013


This is your Captain speaking….welcome aboard fuckers!!

Got an email from a reader who calls himself Fully Awake, great fucking name by the way.  I won’t ramble on, I’ll just paste that fucker in here so you guys can read it.  I’ll be drinking a beer in the meantime…enjoy fucking fuck fuckers.

“Look guys – women feel entitled to whatever they want. You, as ‘the man’ are supposed to give them that which they covet (her princess – you slave). When denied, they’ll do whatever is necessary to destroy anyone in their path (i.e., you HE-BITCH). They have no problem using men as ATMs while they wait for something better to come along (i.e., hypergamy). Never be that fool.

Most men are ‘woman-challenged’, so the cycle of man annihilation continues into perpetuity. I used to be woman-challenged myself, so I know what it is to be that naïve. Now, after having matured-by-fire, I understand the nature of the HOs. I’m a happy bachelor, living large and unfettered. Trust me, this is what you want, not a wife and kids.

Take my advice. Women are good for one thing. Never invest heavily in them – lest ye be open to unfathomable lasting pain and deep regret. Live your life calling your own shots. Die like a VIKING, not like some chick’s BITCH!”

Die like a fucking Viking!  That pretty much sums it the fuck up! I already drink like one, so why the fuck not.  Great letter, keep em coming guys.  I’ll talk to you fucks later, stay thirsty my friends!

You’re now free to drink like a Viking!

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