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Why I Support Gay Marriage and Adoption

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on July 8, 2013


This is your Captain speaking, sorry about that landing in San Fran, but……….Welcome aboard fuckers!!!!!!!

Ok, you probably never expected me to support any kind of marriage but hear me out fuckers.  Some of you probably already know my angle on this so here we go!!!!!!!

Listen, our family court system is FUCKED!!!  We all know that, if you’re a man you might as well lube up your ass and grab your ankles because you will get royally screwed in court by your ex, the lawyers, the whole fucking system!!!

As we’ve talked about here and other people have brought up in other venues, the only time they change a law that’s unfair to men is when it affects the little women too.  Just look at the case in Florida where the governor vetoed a bill that would have eliminated lifetime alimony.  I mean we can’t have that now can we?  What would the poor little gold-digging whores do?rm

So what we need guys is more bitches thrown on our side of the fence.  What we need is a nice pretty young thing to get with some manly looking broad and the two divorce.  It would be even better if they adopted a kid too, that way the manly bitch could get ass raped just like any man.

Things aren’t going to change until women start to feel the pain too, then it will suddenly become a national priority, there will be pages of editorials of how the system is broken and unfair.

I personally don’t give two shits who you’re fucking, this isn’t about gay, straight or sheep lovers.  The marriage failure rate for gay people will be just as shitty as it is for the rest of us.  So hang on to your butt plugs and rubber fists gay people because this is one ride that won’t make you explode with pleasure.  You have just boarded the Shit Town Express!!!!

I’ve tried to warn the LGBT community that marriage was a shitty deal, but you fucks refuse to listen, so now I want you to get exactly what you’re asking for, because that’s the only way men will get what I’m asking for. The system is broken people, take off your Elton John rose colored glasses and try to see what the fuck I’m saying.  Read the comments on this blog and others like it.  You don’t want this.

However, since the gay community seems to think they know more than the rest of us, fuck em.  I look forward to the day when some crying cunt in on the Today show talking about how her ex-wife took her for everything she owned.  Welcome to our world cunt.

You’re now free to do whatever the fuck you want.

Brasil ass rocks

6 Responses to “Why I Support Gay Marriage and Adoption”

  1. Andy said

    Nice photo, Captain. I got the hint from it and believe me, I hope to have enough money and vacation time to attend the World Cup in Brazil next summer. Anyway, this and female members of the military flunking infantry training will lead to cunts saying “fuck this.” It will all be part of the collapse of dating, family structure, gender roles, marriage and relationships in the Western World. It’s going to get ugly, folks. If you are part of the minority that has already thrown up your arms and said “fuck this shit” to marriage, then very good for you. Just grab a cold one, kick back and enjoy the enjoy the show.

    • That’s a good point about the military and might as well throw in law enforcement too. These agencies develop a set of standards for a reason, then the little ladies want to come in and force them to lower the standards.

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  3. bob said

    So many American women are respulsive. Very few are marriage material and most are scooped up by the alpha players when they’re still in college or right after. The rest are roadkill meat.

  4. bob said

    One more question. Why do you have a picture of a teenage boy on thispost?

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