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Reader Mail

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on July 9, 2013


What’s up fuckers!  Every once in a while I sober up just long enough to read a couple emails.  Today I found this one from a vet, which I’d like to thank him and all our our service members for their duty. 

It’s a well written letter, make you think.  Now here it is…


Why I don’t support men’s rights groups: On my first deployment I was pulling guard duty with this SGT in his 40s, I was about 19 at the time. All he did was stare at the wall and dip. Sitting there staring at the wall and dipping tobacco. I could never understand at 19 why he was so shut down emotionally. So I asked him why. He replied with an answer I’d never forget: I figured out the meaning of life he said, "I’m normal and everyone else is fucked up in the head". Those were his exact words.

Now I’m 25 going on 26. After being burned by women and no longer being a nice guy to them I learned how to stand up for myself and not let myself be walked all over, or even worse avoid them all together which saves me the effort and possible embarrassment of an argument in public, but at the same time teaches them that anything they say is OK simply because they are a woman. Sometimes as I fall asleep at night I think about who I really am and I notice that I’m less trusting of women and don’t want to ever get married. Why would I when most of my adult friends got screwed over one way or another. Out of ALL the people I know, I know only ONE yes ONE man has full custody of ONE of his 3 children. And that’s only because the mom was in jail for drugs right before the divorce and judge kinda had to rule his way.

So back to contemplating about my Inner self. It’s incredibly difficult to turn on TV and see in EVERY sitcom of how the man is always portrayed as a dumb useless irresponsible person who only thinks about football and beer. And of course the women on TV are always right, smart and entitled to absolutely everything they want. That kinda stuff is boring to watch so I flip the channel every time I see something like that. But who would I talk to about it? My circle of friends is gone because I recently moved to a different city. I can’t just walk into a bar, come up to a stranger and start talking about real shit like this. I have to carry on a rather boring superficial conversation about food or cars.

So I went online and found your site. Witch kinda reinforced the concepts that are already in my head: women use men and men let that happen because most of them are pussies themselves. That is until they get burned enough and become heartless bachelors, or even worse: submit to society, get married and forever get used as a slave by their wife who would divorce and take everything she can get her hands on if the man doesn’t act right. And if a man has a dispute with a woman the man is guilty until proven innocent. Proving yourself innocent is a very expensive process in court these days. This whole system is messed up and for some reason people are scared to talk about it publically. Only words exchanged are online in anonymous forums. I tried talking about this shit in public places with people I know. Most of them are frankly not intelligent enough to understand my points or they just don’t care about it because they are too stupid to realize just how much they would really get fucked in a divorce court or even in a dispute that winds up in front of a judge. And those who understand are too scared to come out of the closet.

There’s a whole list of things that are wrong with society today. And no, the problem isn’t liberals, republicans, gun collectors or anti-abortion groups. The real problem is that we live in a world where the society worships Kim Kardashian and a lot of women want to act like her. The problem is that men empower wrongdoing done by women by not standing up for themselves. And those men that do stand up for themselves don’t get labeled by the media as the "good guy". To be honest, men do a lot of shit wrong too but that kind of behavior doesn’t last because of courts and social exile that any woman can impose on any guy that tells her something she doesn’t want to hear.

So why don’t we males organize ourselves into political power? Well two reasons in my opinion: first of all there’s too much political correctness these days and the first politician to mention "men’s rights" is going to be committing a "public political suicide". Second and most important reason is that men want to fuck most the women while women want only 10% of the top preforming males. So the top 10% of men get 100% of the hot chicks. Notice no women are ever homeless by the way unless they’re old or fat. I’ve seen plenty 20 year old guys in down town Chicago asking for change, not a single 20 year old chick ever asked me for a nickel. So as a man I have a choice to compete with the rest and be a successful bachelor or settle for less and become a slave to my future wife. Either way I won’t be in an organized movement for "men’s rights". I will either get it my way and make money and travel the world enjoying life in every country or I will get enslaved by marriage and the court system. So either way I won’t be an activist.

On my last night out in Austin, I tried coming up to multiple hot random chicks and talking about serious shit like this. I didn’t get any good results at all. So what does that teach me? Play a game or be played but there is no changing it. Worst of all I’m beginning to think that the hotter a woman is the more entitled she feels. A gross stereotype maybe but prove me wrong. So as I go out pondering the streets looking for a one night stand I’m beginning to realize that I also know the meaning of life: I’m normal and everyone else is fucked up in the head.”


See, I told you that shit was good.  So many great points in one email!!!

I’m of the mind that if this gentleman enjoys his life the way HE wants to enjoy it, that sends a far greater message than any political action group could ever do.  So my good man, I am raising my glass to you where ever you might be, I hope that you are making your own way and enjoying your life to the fullest.  Cheers.


9 Responses to “Reader Mail”

  1. sam said

    That dude has got it figured out. Amen, brother. But don’t worry, you can find a regular nightly girl. Just don’t get married, and when she starts giving you attitude, ditch her and find the next one.

  2. Kyle said

    There is ONE show, IMO, in which the man is portrayed as intelligent, educated, etc…and the woman as rather ditzy. That would be “Melissa and Joey,” starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. In it, Joe is a former Wall Street executive who is very highly-educated, but it turns out the firm he worked for was a big Ponzi scheme and thus it wrecked his career in the 2008 crisis. So long story short, he ends up becoming the “Manny” (male nanny) of Mel Burke, a local councilwoman (Hart). Mel is coincidentally the aunt of the two children of the man who ran the Ponzi scheme that Joe was inadvertently a part of and since the man and his wife (Mel’s sister) are both in prison, Mel is now their guardian (hence her hiring a nanny).

    Anyways, so the show centers around his being a hotshot manny, able to cook, organize, talk about finance, etc…all really well, and Mel, who is caring, albeit rather clumsy and ditzy in certain ways, who brings in the money.

    That said, I agree with much of what the guy in the letter says. Good on him for being wise enough to know that.

  3. Andy said

    I admire how this guy really put things into perspective. I simply don’t see the point in getting married when there is such a high divorce rate. There is at least half a chance that I will get divorced and royally fucked in divorce court. That’s pretty much leaving my chances of a successful marriage to the flip of a coin, and I don’t like those odds. If everyone else jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you? If you were a coach or general manager of a sports team in rebuilding mode, would you focus on what your nemesis or the three-time defending champions in the league are doing? The answer to both questions is “fuck no.” My point is, focus on yourself, love yourself and get your own personal house in order. Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing, even if it seems that you’re the only one who’s single and without companionship. Start giving less of a fuck because it is not worth the time, money or effort to be caring, chivalrous or nice in pursuit of the illusion that is a happy long-term relationship or marriage. Do you know many happily married couples? I don’t. I rest my case.

  4. Scott said

    I hear and see this all the time. You won’t find any marriage quality women unless you travel abroad. Western Women have ruined themselves and any man who marries one is a fool.

    • bob said

      Marrying a Western woman is like playing Russian Roulette with five bullets in a six-shooter.

      The only reason the divorce rate is only 50% is because the man doesn’t want to lose his children and become financially ruined for the rest of his life,

  5. John Doe said

    Hell yes, dawg. Great fucking blog, man. YOU DA MAN!

    I’m sitting here in Thailand, drinking some gin and tonic, and enjoying the local beauties. My god, Thai women are fucking awesome.

    Asia is heaven on earth for western men. It should be the first course of action for any western man to try to expat here, and then you can really enjoy life and enjoy hot submissive sexy women too.

    • Mike said

      Make sure they are women and make sure their boyfriend isn’t going to rob and kill you after getting you drunk or drugged up. I’m SE Asian and I know how these women operate. You may think they are sweet and submissive, but many are greedy and cold blooded. Chinese and Japanese women will be more loyal.

  6. John Doe said

    You my fucking hero, dude! Every once in a while, I sober up long enough to send out a couple of business emails so that I can keep the money flowing in, so I can keep the beer flowing and the World of Warcraft account active.


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