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Too Hot to Handle

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 16, 2013

attention whore

This is your Captain speaking…………welcome aboard fuckers!!!

Have you seen this bullshit here?

Too attractive?  Am I looking at the right pic in this article?  Granted I’ve never been to New York (because I don’t go to shitholes), but really too fucking attractive? You’ve got to be shitting me!!!  Yes she looks better than most American women but that’s not exactly a difficult feat.  It’s about as meaningful as being the prettiest waitress at Denny’s.

I can’t believe women are getting worked up over this.  Let’s pretend for a second that this shit actually happens………….how many American women would even fall into the category of “too attractive”????  I’ll wait while you tally that huge number up……NOT!

If this were an article about how American women were too fat, too greasy, too stupid, too uneducated, too wide to fit through the fucking door….then you’d have a valid point that would actually affect the average American woman.  Being attractive is not an issue most American women have to deal with, ever. 

You’re now free to kick a bitch as she falls out of the ugly tree…

3 Responses to “Too Hot to Handle”

  1. Andy said

    I was wondering why my cock remained flaccid after seeing her photos. She is so bland. By the way, I’ve never been to New York, never want to.

  2. Just another typical over-privileged, conceited/narcissistic American skank and ‘Attention Whore’, besides being a professional ‘victim’ and a walking potential lawsuit. Check out the comments to the story (those are the best part and make it worth reading) — it seems that few men are willing to ‘white knight’ her or be her mangina; a nice positive sign that more and more men are waking up.

    FWIW I was in New York City ONCE, during Fleet Week while I was in the Navy: ‘a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there’. In many ways it was just like Rome, Naples, Istanbul, Cairo, and Alexandria — big, dirty, crowded, and expensive. I enjoyed Venice, Tel Aviv and Haifa much more.

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