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Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on May 30, 2014


This is your Captain speaking……welcome aboard fuckers!!!

So let me get this straight, some spoiled millennial brat goes off the deep end and because he was a member of a group that hates PUAs and other men’s groups…..somehow PUAs and men’s groups are to blame?

Feminism is just an outlet for fat white women to bitch about how they’re discriminated against.

The real problem here as with many of these crazy fuck shooters/stabbers is parenting.  This guy was another product of a single mother, she pawned him off on the dad once he got older and the damage was done.

Also, let’s be honest, you can’t make a law to stop crazy and this fucker, in my drunk opinion, was fucking crazy with a capital K!!!

But of course social media blew up with the hashtag #Yesallwomen, because the poor girls here in the West have it so bad.

Listen up ladies, this is what you get when you try to raise a boy without his father or in this case bring the father in when it’s far too late.

This is what happens when we give everyone who participates in sports a ribbon or don’t keep score so that we don’t have losers.  Well guess the fuck what, score or not, these fuckers are losers. 

Every kid needs to learn how to lose, hell every kid needs to be bullied, not to the point of suicide but just in the same manner that the rest of us had to deal with.  It made us stronger and better human beings.  Strong is a word that cannot be used to describe this current generation of walking cumholes these single mothers are raising.

Amercia…….we’re fucked!!!!

You’re now free drive your black BMW where ever the fuck you like.

One Response to “#YESALLWOMEN”

  1. Andy said

    The only reason poor girls here in the West have it so bad is because they let themselves go, and wonder why they can’t find a good man. News flash: Bitches, if you don’t give a fuck what you eat or look like, have a bad attitude to go with it, and expect men to accept you as such, you’re not going to be attracting much attention, if any. I don’t like PUAs, either, but I’m not terrorizing a community by going postal. The failure resulting from the father’s absence aside, this spoiled brat could have invested money in the porn biz by organizing a dicksuckathon, “boner reduction procedure” and “ball draining process” for douches like himself to get some “TLC.”
    Fucking shit, even without that, there was still hope for the fucker. Ron Jeremy is living proof that anybody can get laid. Also, this spoiled little brat could have spent money to go to Nevada or Amsterdam to pay to “get it over with” if he was that frustrated. But I guess the crazy fucker was too narrow-minded too insane to fish in another pond and broaden his horizons. He “got it over with” in another way.

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