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And They Wonder Why……

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 27, 2014




This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!!

It’s back to school time again folks, or as welfare moms call it…..Vacation.

It’s also back to all the little ladies at the office wanting the company they work for to bend and twist around so that their job doesn’t interfere with them having it all and being a mother to their womb turds and future government dependents.

I mean what bullshit it would be if the poor fragile women had to work a regular schedule like men do!!!  That would be awful if women were expected to actually contribute to the bottom line! How sexist!!!

So the little misses come in late and leave early and then come appraisal time they expect the same raise or even more as everyone else who actually fucking showed up for work.

Newsflash girls, you can’t have it all.  Just like men you have to decide if you want to play house or have a career, you can’t do both.   If you choose to shit out kids then don’t bitch when you are passed up at work by people who are better at their job in part because they have actually put some time in on the damn fuck job.

The glass ceiling is a goddamn lie, it’s not some fabled ceiling that holds women back, it’s the fucking holes they dig themselves into.  Getting worthless degrees in college and running up a shitfuckton of debt.  Having kids with convicts and other losers who can’t even support themselves.  Having kids with guys who just want to fuck and have zero interest in parenting.  Trying to trap a guy by “forgetting” your birth control.  All this is shit you guys control.  There isn’t some group of guys wringing their hands worrying about some broad wanting to get into the boardroom. 

Do you wage gap morons even have a fucking clue how hard it is to find people qualified to sit in the boardroom!!!  Of course you don’t, it’s much easier to sit and bitch about other’s success than it is to roll up your sleeves and make your own success happen.  Show me a person who hates rich business people and I’ll show you a lazy fuck.

You think it’s luck that makes you wealthy? No dumbtits, it’s work, it’s doing shit 99% of people won’t fucking damn do.  You bitch about a glass ceiling yet you don’t even work hard enough to merit getting out of the fucking basement!

Women are the reason there aren’t more women at the top.  Women are their own worst enemies.

You’re now free to piss on the ceiling.


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9 Responses to “And They Wonder Why……”

  1. Andy said

    You just described why I left my last job, Captain. I was a top performer there, but was never appreciated. I consistently showed up to work and on time, but was criticized. I constantly met deadlines, but rarely got a thank you. I did everybody else’s work, because they were too stupid and lazy to do it themselves. Whenever I took a vacation, whether it was a day off or two weeks off, I was bitched at, because it was the weak links’ job to constantly be away from their desks, be late, take every Friday through Monday off, and in the end blame me, the person who actually got the job done, for their incompetence and fuckups. By the way, these rotten co-workers were all women, well past their prime, who acted so childish, they treated every day like sixth grade graduation, and who management failed to fire. Is it any surprise that I’m no longer there? Isn’t it ironic that I was part of the brain drain that happened there? I was part of a mass exodus, I was one of five top performers that left in five months, and two of us were men. On a broader spectrum, two more people were later gone, making it seven employees in ten months. Those last two people were women like you just described and they were fucking fired, something that should have been done a long time ago. What’s even more ironic is that you post this the day after I accept an offer for a new job. All I can say is that the pay is going to be better than my last hellhole of a job, and that, based on my experience, I’m going to be continually on my guard for this bullshit that women try to pull in the workplace. I’d rather expect this bullshit to happen and have it not happen, or have it seldom happen, than to be naive and think everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows. I’m pretty sure that the first day on the job will be cleaning up a mess that some former dumbfuck female employee created. Hey, when it comes to work, I’m either cleaning up somebody else’s mess or I’m getting motherfucking shit done. Time to grow up, bitches.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      You’re exactly right man, these bitches feel entitled to the same paycheck as you for far less work!!!!!! Good luck on the new job Andy!

  2. sam said

    Tell it like it is, bro.

  3. Rob said

    “The glass ceiling is a goddamn lie,” So true. A lie made up by feminists so more women can get high paying jobs without having to earn them.
    “Having kids with convicts” and muscle headed thugs too stupid to get a decent job. Any man with half a brain will stay clear of these women and stay clear of marriage all together. Marriage has no value for men today. Its better to stay single and date a series of different women.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      You’re 100% right, I’d like to think guys are starting to change but we are definitely in the minority. The masses are still drinking the kool-aid. Hell even one of my buddies who recently moved out to where I’m at is stuck in the trap.

  4. Rob said

    Hey Captain

    There are several sites you link to that no longer exist:
    Just Be A Man About It
    The Real Assanova
    Willy Wonka’s Adventures in Game
    The Gun Nut
    Don’t Get Married Guys!
    For a Houseboy – (Weird name)

    Also this blog had no post:
    The Land Feminism Forgot

    Lastly, ‘The NoNonsense Man’ article you linked to doesn’t exist anymore

    Might be best to remove all of these websites from your list.

  5. “And They Wonder Why…”

    No, Cap’n, Modern Womyn DON’T ‘wonder why’ — they don’t have that kind of insight or any sense of self-examination; they just go their default answer of “It’s all men’s fault” and demand more feminism and more protection from “teh Big Bad Patriarchy” from their new pimp/husband, “Big Daddy Government”.
    As far as they’re concerned, their sh*t doesn’t stink and they think that they pee rosewater…

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