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Single Moms? No Deal!!!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on September 30, 2014

single mom

This is your Captain speaking……..welcome aboard fuckers!!!

Man, are there some delusional fucking bitches out there or fucking what!!!

I tell you what, when I say good-bye to the corporate world I definitely won’t miss all these bat-shit crazy women at the workplace.

There’s one skank in particular and I probably don’t even need to describe her, you could probably fucking guess.  Overweight…..hold up…she’s fucking fat, two kids from a loser on disability and she’s about to turn 30.

But wait folks, she is telling everyone who will listen (and anyone else in earshot) about how 30 is going to be the start of her new life.  Sure she wasted her 20s on some loser and even has the stretched out vag to prove it!  She’s decided at 30 to get her shit together…….well not really, but a girl can dream right?

As you might guess, the chorus of fat and fugly friends are telling her the same horseshit all women tell each other about how it’s not too late for her to find a great guy.  About how any guy would be lucky to have a woman like her.  She’s beautiful and if a guy can’t see that it’s his loss….

Are these bitches serious?  I know I see that shit all over social media too, where a butt-fucking ugly bitch posts a picture and all her fat and fucked in the head friends tell her how beautiful she is.  Personally I don’t think these bitches believe it when they tell that shit to other women, but ironically they actually believe it when it’s told to them.fat-woman-gym

So how about that awesome deal our over the hill and NFL sized gal has to offer some lucky white knight?  Wow, let’s start with the two bastard children who are both below the age of 10.  Hope you don’t plan on doing anything with your life for the next ten years Mr Lucky Guy because the only thing you’ll be doing is paying for kids who fucking hate you.  Think she’ll be getting child support? Doubt it, even if she does it’ll be the bare minimum and you won’t see any of it.  You better call your doctor for an appointment to get snipped because as Tom Leykis has been telling us for years, these skanks will get pregnant again, whether you want another womb turd in the house or not!!!  Let’s not forget the fact that loser she hates so much will be stopping by your house, or even better she’ll have to take the kids to him where she’ll be able to get some dick on the side for old time’s sake.

Let’s not forget that body of hers that is now wrecked because she gave her best years to some loser.  Oh sure she’ll tell you how she hates him, but just remember, he fucked her back when the pussy was actually tight.  She can’t even hold her piss now, good luck getting off.  I’m sure she’ll also tell you how now that she’s older and worn out, she’s now in her sexual prime even though her body and vagina aren’t even good enough to be in a salvage yard!

I could just go on and on forever about this awesome deal, but it’s safe to say that any guy who would get in line for a woman like that deserves what he gets.

Listen guys, it’s not your job to play cleanup when these broads fuck up their lives.  All you’ll end up doing is fucking up your own life.  Don’t even entertain the thought!

You’re now free to visit Thailand.



6 Responses to “Single Moms? No Deal!!!!!”

  1. Andy said

    Right on, Captain. This post is an affirmation, but is necessary from time to time, because there are still stupid fucks out there that just don’t fucking listen. To say that they lower their standards is an understatement. I can’t even fathom the thought of entertaining the thought of getting leftovers. I’ve never visited Thailand before, so maybe I’ll fit it in to my next trip to Eastern Europe!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      It’s amazing how many of these women are drinking their own kool-aid. Telling a fat single mother that she DESERVES a good man is like telling the guy who makes $10 an hour that he DESERVES to drive a Lambo.

      Europe has always been good to me, even Western Europe when I’m not in the typical tourist places.

  2. Hawkman said

    Agree, but you don’t want to visit Thailand.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I’ve actually been told by more than one person Thailand isn’t what it used to be.

      • Ben said

        Thailand isn’t as new and fresh as it was over 15 years ago but Thai women have way less entitlement issues than American and Western women. Buddhism, the major religion in Thailand, promotes contentment, and this carries over into female behavior. It is changing as westernization and consumerism sweep over the younger generation there but Thai women are used to marrying and dating men who aren’t rich, celebrities, or thuggish- Thai national men who date and marry are basically average Joes . Game and PUA behavior often backfires there so farang like us can easily get a pretty Thai woman by being chill and speaking a bit of Thai.

  3. Kyle said

    The fat women bit is like a new thing now among such women, i.e. “I’m fat and I’m beautiful…”

    Keep your finances in good condition, work hard and smart, and keep yourself physically fit and get good nutrition, so that you stay looking nice as you age. These will allow you to keep your standards high regarding women.

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