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Thanks Fuckers

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 26, 2014


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To my American readers, Happy Fucking Thanksgiving and to those living abroad, Happy Fucking Thursday!!!

As always I appreciate all you fuckers for getting drunk and stopping by to see what shit I wrote while getting drunk.

I also want to send a long overdue shoutout to a couple of friends who for obvious reasons shall remain unnamed.  You see fuckers, when I first started this mess of a blog it was a collaboration between a couple of pals and I.  We never dreamed people would actually read these rantings.

In the beginning we all had access to the blog and email accounts and we all got drunk and responded to reader email.  Eventually we all got busy with other projects but especially my two partners in crime for this site. I eventually took over running the site with my associates blessings and urgings (I initially was going to just shut it down since it wasn’t the three of us)

As you can see their urging worked and I continued the site on my own.  But even as my two friends got more and more involved with their own projects, they still forwarded any emails they received to me (and still do to this day). 

So I just wanted to say thanks to “those guys” for pushing me to keep this thing going back when it almost got shut down before it finally found it’s sea legs.  The next few cases of PBR is for them!!!

So if you ever need to rant, piss n moan, opine or whatever else.  Feel free to email me at  However be forewarned, I’m somewhat of a lazy fuck when it comes to content sometime so don’t be surprised if you say something good to see it as a post. 

See ya later fuckers, I’ve got shit to drink!


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