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Revenge of the Manbeast!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on December 7, 2014


This is your Captain speaking………welcome aboard fuckers!!!

So while nobody bats a thousand, the site Business Insider usually does a decent job with tech and business news, but the other day I saw this story come across my newsfeed.  It’s a story about how some broad was teased for being ugly back when she was 12 and now 10 years later one of the guys who used to bully her asked her out and she finally was able to get her “revenge”.  What made it even worse was the comment above was the link said that this “took guts”. 

First off, how this ended up on a business website is fucking beyond me and it was written by a guy, go figure.  To quickly address the content of the article, she set up a date with the guy then stood him up by giving the waiter a note to deliver to the guy.  All the note did was let the guy know he dodged the fucking crazy train!  On top of that, the article included the guy’s response, which unlike her letter, was mature and thought out.

I don’t get why this is even a fucking story. Shit like this happens to pretty much every guy who makes something of himself.  Story goes like this…..Young guy can’t get attractive women his own age to even acknowledge he’s alive then fast forward 15 or 20 years and the tables are turned.  Women his age are falling over themselves to get his attention.  Tom Leykis has been talking about this shit for years and we’ve all lived it. Where’s our story?

The good news for us is we don’t need no stinking story, we’re living the good live while bitches our age are living la vida government assistance with their multiple cunt turds from multiple losers.  That’s what I call revenge, laughing all the way to the bank.

You’re now free to live the good life.

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3 Responses to “Revenge of the Manbeast!!!”

  1. I went to the site and didn’t find anything different about what happened to her, that happened to me when I was in elementary school and continued until I graduated high school; I left this little comment:

    “I think that this guy actually ‘dodged a bullet’.
    Like most Western womyn nowadays, this Louisa Manning uses her looks and sexuality as a ‘power tool” and weapon against men. She could have gotten to know the guy better and find out what he was as a person now, but no…she had to have revenge; not only that, she had to post it on the web so that she could get her “You go, Girl” moment.
    Instead, she has showed what a spiteful, vindictive, petty person she is. She needs to grow up some more and lose her need for vengeance, before it sabotages the remainder of her life.

    (And no, I was not ‘popular’ at school. I was always an outsider who was skinny, underweight, had pimples, and not an athlete of any kind. If not for my spiritual beliefs, love of music, and hope for the future to be better, I would have committed suicide when I was twelve; I am alive now only because I incomprehensibly stopped at the last minute before I electrocuted myself. So I know about being bullied and persecuted, because I endured it until I was eighteen.)
    Lose the need for revenge, Louisa, because it is a horrible burden to carry with you — I KNOW.”

  2. Europian boy said

    Feminism is doing much more damage to the world,compare to what most of the people think feminism is doing.And that includes parts of the world where feminism was not that popular in the near past-like Eastern Europe for example.

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