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Greatest Accomplishment Is Being a Mom? Lazy Bitch!!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 13, 2015


This is your Captain speaking…..welcome aboard fuckers!!!

So I’m reading this fuck article about how less women are opting in for motherhood.  The article itself was boring as fuck but the comment section was solid gold!  There were women talking about how their children were their greatest accomplishment of their worthless lives.

Wow, talk about some lazy fucks.  Greatest thing they ever did could be duplicated by two homeless retards. Nice. You really worked for that one sister!

You see shit like this in personal ads too.  Hell sometimes the bitches put pictures of their kids in  their profile pictures!!  They’ll say shit like, “my kids are the best thing I ever did”.  When I read that all I see is “loser”.  I see someone who didn’t so jack shit with their lives and now they’re hoping their little womb turds do something with theirs so that she can claim some of the glory.

Of course nobody ever calls women on their bullshit when it comes to this, we’re just supposed to nod our heads and agree on her stunning accomplishments.  Wow, you must have spread your legs really wide for that fat headed kid, good job honey!!

Ladies, an accomplishment is something you do on your own and actually takes work.  Try to remember that the next time you’re patting yourselves on the back just for getting knocked up by whoever.

You’re now free actually accomplish something!

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3 Responses to “Greatest Accomplishment Is Being a Mom? Lazy Bitch!!!!”

  1. Europian boy said

    2014” Ask me anything” movie shows plain and simple that women can not make it without men leadership and advice.Some anti-feminist stuff in that film is worth watching it.

  2. Andy said

    Same goes for men. Don’t boast about how you knocked up a chick, married her and became a father, when you didn’t accomplish jack shit else in your life. Also, don’t brag about how many kids you have to prove your manhood. That’s antiquated, outmoded macho bullshit. Nobody wants to hear about that nonsense, anyway. It doesn’t matter of you’re a guy or a gal, saying you love your children or that they’re your greatest accomplishment doesn’t make you special, because every parent loves their children and says the same goddamn thing. Any parent that didn’t say that would be a monster or a cretin with no aspirations and doesn’t know how birth control works. This is just one of the reasons why I don’t want kids. I don’t want to do what idiots are doing, and there are simply other things that I want to do with my life besides contributing to overpopulating and polluting the earth, and setting myself up for sleepless nights. These women really are lazy fucks because these are the bitches that typically do nothing at work, and based on what they talk about on company time, they’re lazy parents because they let their kids do whatever the fuck they want. Then, as a copout, they claim they want their kids to learn from their experiences. If their greatest accomplishment is being a mom, they need to stop trying to have their cake and eat it, too. They need to quit their office jobs which they fail at, anyway, and go back home and start raising their children properly. Let people with actual goals and qualifications take their jobs and watch productivity increase fivefold. Lazy bitches, doing something that animals and druggies do doesn’t make you better than said people. Get some hobbies, set some goals and stop being lazy.

  3. Kyle said

    One can only claim their children are an accomplishment if they have raised the children to become productive members of society. If that is the case, then they can claim it as an accomplishment. Otherwise, it isn’t. That said, I do not knock on people who want to have children and are serious about raising them. But there’s a difference between say two young doctors having two or three children and Cleedis and Velveeta in the trailer park spitting out seven.

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