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You Piece of Shit with Your Work Addiction!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on April 29, 2015

don't get married

This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!!

Well the Huff-Vagina-Post website has taken yet another massive shit.  Check it out here.  An article about how staying in a bad marriage is a bad idea, which sounds pretty right? I mean who wants to stay in a shitty marriage?

But hang on a second fuckers, what does the author not like about her marriage that is making her so miserable after 17years?  What pain is she having to endure, what sacrifices, what misery?  Is her husband abusive?  Does he beat the dog shit out of her when ever his Kraft mac-n-cheese is cold when he gets home?  Does he call her names in front of the Pope?  Is he fucking her one hot friend behind her back?

Nope, he works his ass off to support her and the two kids she wanted.  Yep that’s it.  No seriously, that’s it!!!  That’s her complaint. In fact, here’s the quote:

“My soul was dying, slowly, subtly in my dysfunctional marriage. He had betrayed me with his work addiction and his emotional absence from our lives.”





Her soul was dying???  He betrayed her….by working???  Are you guys listening, this poor bastard was working his dick off for this entitled princess and she turned around and used that against him as grounds for not just divorce, but to blast him for the whole world to see how he made her miserable.  The title of the article describes her marriage as a “true tragedy”. 

Funny how this hit her just after her second child turned a year old.  Crazy how that tends to work, now that she has him on the hook for a nice annuity, NOW suddenly she’s unhappy.  Now her heart cries out in agony and strife. 

This what awaits you in a marriage these days.  Don’t look at what your parents or grandparents did, they literally got married in a different century.  THIS is the steaming pile of shit that you have to deal with today as a man.  You can bust your ass to give your little princess everything she ever asked for and more and she’s still not happy.

While I’m not surprised in any form or fashion by this article, it still pisses me the fuck off and it should piss you the fuck off too!  The only thing this guy could have done is to not get married (and a vasectomy is always a good idea).  This dude was fucked right out of the gate, he never had a chance and he probably never even knew it.  He thought he was doing what he was “supposed” to do. 

Guys, don’t do it, just don’t fucking do it.  If you don’t believe me then just head on over to the Tom Leykis show and listen for a spell.  Every other Tuesday he has attorney Adam Sacks on to discuss family law.  If you only listen to that hour of the show it will save your goddamn life!

That’s all for now, I got a bottle of scotch to finish polishing off.  Later fuckers.

You’re now free to opt out of marriage.

7 Responses to “You Piece of Shit with Your Work Addiction!!!”

  1. Andy said

    Brought to you by Captain No Marriage and The Do Not Get Married and Don’t Have Kids Foundation.

  2. Mike Terry said

    To the writer of this blog: You sir are a fucking legend! I can’t even begin to tell you how shitty of a deal marraige is for us men. Whenever some bullshit person at work announces their engagement I roll my eyes and think of the very things this blog preaches. Keep spreading the word, Captain!!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Thanks Mike, glad you enjoy my drunken rantings. I feel the same way when some chick announces her marriage and goes around comparing the size if her ring to all the other broads in the office. I wonder if the poor slob she’s marrying has any clue how he’s about to fuck up his life, does he even see the train coming???

      • “… I wonder if the poor slob she’s marrying has any clue how he’s about to fuck up his life, does he even see the train coming???”

        Some guys just HAVE to learn the hard way!
        “The foolish never learn from their mistakes; the smart learn from their own mistakes; the wise learn from the mistakes of others.”

  3. The crap like this isn’t old, it’s been going on for a long time. My own brother got divorced because his dumb wife was “lonely” and cheated on him — because he was gone a lot, driving a semi so that the bills were paid and they could stay financially solvent! (She was a ‘mental case’ from the time they married, anyway; the stuff she put him through could fill a book! At least he was lucky: their kids were grown, and they divorced amicably, so he wasn’t ruined for life.)

    With this kind of crap, in addition to everything else, women are still ‘wondering why’ men are avoiding marriage and Going Their Own Way!

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      I have friends I’ve known since high school in similar situations where the wife wants to stay at home an live off him and instead of saying thank you for supporting my lazy ass she gets “bored” and fucks everything that moves then blames him for it.

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