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You’re Just Doing It Wrong!!!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on August 23, 2015

This is your Captain speaking, welcome aboard fuckers! 

Ever get into a discussion about marriage and women with that one guy who thinks there isn’t a problem?  To him it’s simple, all the OTHER guys getting fucked are simply doing it wrong.

Yep, we’re all fuckups who don’t know what we’re doing.  But this guy, he’s going to do it “right”.  He says shit like this:

  1. He’s going to keep his wife happy

  2. He’s not going to give her a reason to cheat

  3. He’ll treat her the way she wants to be treated

  4. Blah, blah, fucking blah

Some of these guys suffer from a delusion similar to what some have described as the Disney Princess Syndrome in women.  I guess for guys we can call it the Colonial Times Syndrome, because you’d have to hop into a hot tub time machine and go back to the colonial days to find a woman who fit into the traditional sense of marriage.

They simply want something that doesn’t exist while at the same time refusing to see the world in front of them.  I’ve even asked these guys if they’ve ever met a woman close to what they’re looking for.  Of course the answer is no, but they don’t let facts get in their way, they’re partying like it’s 1799!!!

The problem is later on when these same guys call a show like Tom Leykis or email a site like this one to talk about how their little princess turned out to be a self-absorbed, mentally ill, cheating, money-loving bitch.  Wow, who knew?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t want a family or a chick that’s faithful. What I’m saying is before you make something a goal, make sure it still exists. I’d love to go saber-tooth tiger hunting with my dentist.  That’s what I want dammit!!!  But what I want doesn’t fucking matter because what I want died out a long time a go, just like the girl you’re looking for.

You’re now free to go hunting with your dentist.

5 Responses to “You’re Just Doing It Wrong!!!”

  1. Dan said

    The ideal woman who is good looking, smart, hard working, a good housekeeper, faithful and likes to get laid REALLY DO EXIST. I married one… 1986…and we are still married and enjoying life. This species of female is not extinct. But it IS an endangered species.

    • Captain No Marriage said

      Hey Dan, thanks for your comment. You seem like an intelligent guy so I don’t have to tell you that you are the guy who bought the winning lotto ticket. You are probably well aware of the odds. Also 1986 was literally in a different century brother. Women couldn’t have 6 emails, 4 phone numbers and numerous social media accounts back 30 years ago. Hell, back in 1986 MTV was still playing music!!!! It’s a very different world out here now.


  2. Dan said

    Yes Captain…it was 1986. And as an older dude who was in grade school when Kennedy got whacked I’ve seen a lot of changes. Doesn’t change the fact that there are….even today….still good women out there. Women worth marrying. Just as there are a shit load of men out there who are NOT worth marrying. I suspect the reason that I know more people who got and stayed married is the fact that many of them are real Christians….not just Sunday Christians.
    And I have nieces and nephews that have been married ten or 15 years. So while modern society has made it much more of a crap shoot with steeper odds one can still grab the brass ring. And I know all about the other side of the equation….as I got married the FIRST time in 1979… Ms. Puta Loca.

    • Europe boy said

      Wrong.Women are not worth marrying even here in Eastern Europe,because they have been poisoned with feminism.Asian women can not be trusted too anymore.Feminist toxic influence is everywhere in the world now.

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    You’re Just Doing It Wrong!!! « Captain No-Marriage Blog

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