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Knocking Up Some Skank Is NOT a Legacy

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on November 11, 2017


This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!!

So back when I was struggling to stay ahead of the minimum wage, I’d hear a lot of bullshit ways of thinking. One of the worst was thinking that a guy needed to leave a legacy and by legacy they meant knocking some bitch up to have your kids. So this one goes out to my former low paid coworkers with shit jobs.

You’ve heard the bullshit reasoning behind this, continuing your family name and all that horseshit. That’s what it is, horseshit. What exactly are you continuing if you don’t have a pot to piss? Are you proud of your welfare heritage? Gotta keep that line for government cheese going? Supporting Section 8?

Legacy is when a hospital wing is named after you because you donated the money to build it. Legacy is a foundation you started to fund someone’s education. Legacy is NOT you being irresponsible and blowing a load in some hoodrat or trailer park queen and having her shit out another liability to society.

Legacy is the word guys who fucked up by knocking some bitch up use to try and make it seem like they were doing their duty to society. Well if you’re poor, you’re not doing a duty to anyone except people who love it when more and more dumbasses are dependent on the fucking government. You just created another person who will either suck off the government’s tit or end up in the prison system.  Way to go champ, you’re really leaving something behind.

This dumbass concept of false legacy is one of the major reasons the poor stays poor. For some reason poor people thinks it’s a good idea to create more people.

Fucking dumb!

You’re now free to actually do something to be remembered by.

One Response to “Knocking Up Some Skank Is NOT a Legacy”

  1. Andy said

    Another accurate and excellent article. The hits just keep on coming. Even worse, and I’ve heard this so many times before that I’d rather hear fingernails on a chalkboard; is that these dumbfucks procreate so they can give grandchildren to their parents. I’ve also heard that they were told by their parents that their parents wanted to become grandparents. Are these morons that warped into doing things because their parents want them to do it? It’s not like the grandparents are going to raise or pay for the next crumb cruncher. If these morons want to do something great for their parents, there are other ways to do that besides bringing another human life into the world just to fill an archaic, overly prideful “need” to become a grandparent. They can get their Dad a nice car, build a big garden for Mom, or buy a house or a cruise for the parents. Shit, if they want to leave a legacy, get the homeless off the streets by building them houses or getting them jobs. Otherwise, they’re just creating the next transient. Fuck, I’ll bet these are the same dumbasses who don’t spay or neuter their pets because they think they can make a quick buck by breeding them or they don’t want to take away the dog’s manhood. People are fucking stupid. Hey, sometimes you have to generalize to get the point across. You’re now free to take a trip down memory lane to the good ol’ days of being alive in the (late) 90’s, and go on a panty raid. Holy fuck knuckles, Batman; I think that subject alone is worthy of a new post by the Captain.

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