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Truth, Bullshit, and the American Way!

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on September 28, 2019

This is your Captain speaking…….welcome aboard fuckers!

Sometimes you really don’t see things coming. First hipsters start drinking PBR. Then PBR comes out with a whiskey. The madness didn’t stop there, now there is PBR Hard Coffee. When does it end?

I don’t have to tell you how TV and movies are a feminist shit storm. 50 Shades of Bullshit movies. Ms Marvel is now “Captain” Marvel. (I guess anyone can just call themselves Captain now). Then you have Superman, the ultimate blue pill guy with oneitis.

Actually, let’s pause on Superman. The old one, hell let’s take it back to the black and white series. That was 50 Shades for the 1950s. Think I’m just drunk? Maybe. Grab one for yourself.

Here’s the most powerful guy on the planet who can have whatever he wants. Yet he sucks the corporate cock and he has oneitis for some average broad. He was always doing what society thought he should do. As Rollo Tomassi would probably say, he wasn’t his own mental point of origin.

Then 60 years later, powerful guy but instead of taking advantage of it, he gets oneitis for some average (on a good day) chick. I know some on the tradcon side of things yearn for a hot tub time machine to take us back to the good old days. They had the same bullshit back then, they were just better at covering up the smell.

You’re now free to shove Cryptonite up someone’s ass. (see what I did there)

2 Responses to “Truth, Bullshit, and the American Way!”

  1. Andy said

    Greetings, Captain! You hit the nail right on the head! I’m relieved I’m not the only one who gets it. I didn’t know that PBR had hard coffee, but I wouldn’t have known otherwise, as I’m not a hipster. On that note, there seems to be pumpkin spice everything nowadays. Years ago, I was happy with just pumpkin pie, and years later, that’s all I really need around the holidays. But seriously, it’s lame how Superman settled for an average chick. She’s not that much better than Lena Dunham or that SJW that plays soccer; Mega Boy Rappin’ Ho. Let’s not forget how the Ghostbusters franchise became fucked up three years ago. Not to mention the Terminator, and now James Bond. I could go on and on, but let’s not pour salt on the wound. I know what you mean about wanting to take a hot tub time machine back to the good old days. If the machine were only able to go back, say, 20 years, I would be happy with that. I’m younger; I went to high school and then the first part of college in the 90’s, anyway. From what I gather from the older generation, those who went to high school and college in the 80’s, the 80’s were awesome for movies, nights out, parties, etc. But I can tell you the 90’s were pretty damn good, too. So were the average chicks in both of those decades. Per one of your earlier posts, average meant a chick had her shit together, had a great personality, and was down to party. My, how times have changed. Has anybody seen Dr. Brown and his DeLorean lately? Because we need to talk to him posthaste.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      We’re in like a slow prohibition. Back in the day they could simply ban alcohol but what is going on today is more like a slow spreading disease. However just like prohibition, there are going to be places where like minds can still get together. Hell the 90s gave us Baywatch, what more can I say?

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