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The World Was Never Meant to Be Safe

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on July 13, 2020

This is your Captain speaking, welcome aboard fuckers!

Like most of you I’ve been watching people lose their shit thanks to China’s “latest export”. Then add to that people rioting and looting, for equality of course. I mean thank little baby Mexican Arab Jesus that they’re tearing down all these statues. My life has improved dramatically. Thanks guys!

So why are all of these people freaking out? Well I have a two things, a drink and a theory. I won’t share my drink but I’ll go ahead and pull the theory out of my ass.

If you’re older, say Gen X or there about, your dad was probably in Vietnam. Granddad was probably in Korea or WWII. And on top of that there’s a good chance they didn’t enlist, they were drafted. If they were in school at the time they saw the older brothers of their friends get drafted and come back in a pine box. It was very clear very early on that the world was NOT a safe place.

By contrast the current vagina generation gets trophies and ribbons for literally just showing up. They’re told they’re all special unicorns who shit bricks of gold. Their idea of bullying is when someone calls them a name from behind a keyboard. The fathers have been removed from the home and replaced with Daddy Government. As Rollo Tomassi likes to say, the boys are being raised as defective girls. As many in this space have pointed out it’s a classic case of hard times making hard men, hard men making good times and good times making today’s soft men and society in general.

This “health crisis” is reported in a vacuum, stats are twisted to shit, the charts they show are a complete joke. And god forbid you question it or ask about how it compares to other diseases. You’ll get the same response as if you had stood up for Jeffrey Epstein. In today’s vag-centric society it’s all about how things feel so please don’t clutter the narrative with things like facts. Am I saying it’s fake no. Do I think the economy should have been shut down, FUCK NO!

So what’s the solution? I believe that that saying I brought up earlier will just have to play itself out. Today’s soft men will create hard times and those hard times will once again create hard men. In other words, nature will just have to take it’s course. In the meantime the rest of us out here on the lunatic fringe will have to profit and advance on whatever opportunities come our way.

You’re now free to drink about the cabin.

2 Responses to “The World Was Never Meant to Be Safe”

  1. Andy said

    Captain! Hey, it’s really fuckin’ great to hear from you after a while, and after all these years. This year is Planet of the Apes/Twilight Zone shit. In California, it’s borderline Idiocracy. Thank people leaving the Golden Piss State (plenty of homeless smell like it now) over the years, contributing to brain drain. And damn, you nailed it right on the head. My dad didn’t get drafted (able-bodied and fit, but still failed a physical or some shit) and my granddad served in Korea. Officially, I’m at the tail end of Gen X, although I never considered or felt myself a part of that generation. I definitely don’t look it, so most would think I’m a Millennial, however I don’t act or look it. But then again, I don’t, and have never had any “people”. I’m either with everyone or no one. One thing’s for sure: I could definitely go back to college and be a chameleon, maybe for some 21 Jump Street type stuff if they weren’t teaching all this hateful marxist drivel nowadays. Ironically, I yearn for those days of 20+ years ago, when music was actually still good, when you could still talk to women without repercussions, and when you could have a little pizza party, and watch porn with your buddies without anyone getting weirded out by it. Those days are just memories now, but then again, if drive-ins are making a comeback…
    A lot of what you posted is nothing new; we’ve known and have talked about it for years and years and years. But there are still too many out there that refuse to listen to facts, and just don’t get it. Before this all went down, more men were already going MGTOW. These hard times are only making it easier for more men to swear off dating and marriage. Think about it: If bars and clubs were overrated long before Wuhan Wild Wings, and it was slim pickings with finding a mate, and now Governor Fuck Nugget says I can’t go to those places because they’ve been ordered to shut down, then it’s basically a rubber stamp on my decision. Feminists are secretly cheering the U.S. State Department’s decision to tell Americans not to travel right now because that means a lot of guys can’t get the butts of Rio or the long legs of Prague. But remember what I just said about bars being ordered to shut down, and gyms being closed. Not that chicks were kind or skinny before the pandemic, anyway. But since they can’t find a cuck or a simp in a bar right now, these actions and state mandates, or orders, etc. cancel each other out, and we’re right back to square one. Funny how a lot of women who put me in the friend zone, came out of the woodwork during this pandemic/shelter in place. Simply put, it could be a while before things get back to normal.
    In the meantime, let’s be thankful for our health, and that we still have jobs and roofs over our heads. And remember what Patches O’Houlihan always says, “If you can survive Chernobyl, you can survive Coronavirus!”

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Andy, what’s going on brother!

      I’ve heard Rollo Tomassi talk about how when a woman gets with a guy that would be considered alpha she turns him into a cuck. Death by a thousand concessions as he calls it. That’s what feminism has done to America. America was the alpha chad of the world. Then along came feminism and year after year and concession after concession the country who once sent men into battle to storm a beach in the face of machine gun fire now produces men who can’t go into a grocery store without mask and gloves.

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