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Red Pill Moment – One of Many

Posted by Capt. No-Marriage on July 23, 2020

This is your Captain speaking, drinks are on the house. Welcome aboard fuckers.

I know I’ve written about this before, but because I always half-ass title my posts there’s no chance of my finding it. However, it’s been a few years and quite a few beers since that post so here’s a little more reflection on a moment that helped wake me up from my plugged in slumber.

Some of you no doubt have similar stories where you’re career is going great, your fitness is on point and you start getting interest from women your own age. You start getting DMs on your social accounts from women you knew years back, maybe in high school, just wanting to say hi or tell you that you are looking great these days. OMG what’s your secret? You haven’t aged a bit!

Let’s be honest, it’s a nice ego boost. Chicks are hitting you up without you having to do anything. The most dangerous ones are the ones you went to school with because we tend to think of them as if we were still in school. Which is inaccurate to say the least. But our brains just go back to when we last knew them. Back to when we were still figuring out this getting laid thing and working our ass of for every base we passed.

So I had one of these sirens hit me up with the usual hey how you been, we need to hang out line. We met for drinks, then back to her place where her legs parted like the Red Sea at the wave of my hand. This started a string of encounters in various public places such as an alley, a boat ramp, and pretty much any place where she could pull her skirt up.

Now for this chick’s rap sheet:

  • Single mother
  • 3 kids, 2 living with her.
  • 2 different fathers, neither pays child support
  • Working a shitty low paying job

While she was decent looking and seemed in fair shape, that was mainly because her shitty job required a lot of walking and moving around. A job no doubt she was looking to “retire” early from as soon as she could find a human wallet.

One particular night while we were out having drinks that she was paying for (she was definitely on her best behavior) she told me she had a confession. She “confessed” that she always thought I was cute and had a crush on me since high school! She said she wished I would have “made a move” back then. Ohhh what a glorious life we could have been living all these years………

Wait……..she wishes I would have tried? I “tried” all through high school. Not in a one-itus kind of way. I found my niche and was dating other girls, but I was still trying with her every fucking chance I got! Hell I even tried a few times after we graduated. Lack of game back then, of course, but damn sure not for a lack of trying. This bitch was lying to my face and no amount of blue pill rationalizations could counter that. I had rediscovered Tom Leykis a year or so before this and all I could think of was “he was right”. It wasn’t just a radio stunt. He wasn’t just a pissed off old man and even if he was, he was dead on about a lot of stuff. He was no doubt dead on about how women from your past will suddenly have a change of heart.

There wasn’t any mental struggle either trying to justify or rationalize. I didn’t think man I should have tried harder or any of that shit. Some would call it a moment of clarity. Whatever it was, it saved my life.

It sounds like complete bullshit but this was one of those moments where things feel like they’re happening in slow motion and you’re in complete control. I knew how she wanted this to play out so I told her that she was right and that we should finish our drinks so we can get out of there and start making up for lost time. Like most single moms she arranged her dates to go along with when the kids wouldn’t be home. So I took her back to her place and plugged every hole she had. This continued until she needed to “talk” and wanted to know where this was going. After all, she doesn’t have time to waste. I LJBF’ed her (let’s just be friends) and stopped responding to her messages.

And THAT was the Red Pill moment for me. That was when I saw the lights flicker and this blue pill voyage I was on had just hit an iceberg and it was starting to sink. This was still before I read “The Game” or any other game or red pill type of content. I did dive even more into Leykis and started noticing other areas he was right about. I know he’s not as relevant to guys today but back when he had his radio show he was the only one kind of in the mainstream pointing shit out as far as PC culture and feminism. I think for a lot of guys Tom Leykis was the gateway drug into the manoshpere and red pill content. For that, I say thank you Tom.

You’re now free to drink about the cabin.

4 Responses to “Red Pill Moment – One of Many”

  1. Andy said

    I had a feeling I wasn’t alone on this one. I do remember that you’ve written about this before, but if it makes you feel any better, I can’t find those previous posts, either. I also remember Tom Leykis talking about this on his shows some years back. And years back, before social media, they would randomly come out of the woodwork. A few years went by, and some more suddenly showed up, out of nowhere. Fast forward to now, and even just a few years ago, and they’ve been showing up more frequently. The ones that put me in the friendzone, the ones that said I was too this, or not enough that while turning around and dating an asshole, blah blah; you get the picture. Some of them I keep in touch with and just give them a taste of their own medicine whenever they try to be more than friends or acquaintances, because they’re literally not worth a fuck. Others I shut out completely because they were toxic; their souls were dogshit. But regardless, I told myself years back, and I still tell myself this today: Be prepared for (even more) of this bullshit. When you least expect it, social media posts, TV, or not, they will come out of the woodwork, wanting back into your life. It’s up to you to decide what to do next. Whenever things get back to normal, you’ll be free to screw in a vineyard under the moonlight. Just make sure there are no tweakers fucking about.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Yeah Tom has to be in his 60s now and he posted recently that he’s been getting hit up even now with all this virus shit. I used to sport fuck some of them but now as they age it’s like you said, they’re literally not worth a fuck. Hell, I have one who got married this month and last week was sliding into my DMs letting me know she was thinking about me. Women’s fuckery knows no bounds!

  2. You’re absolutely right. Been listening to Tom since 2010 when I found his online content after my last relationshit went sour. He’s the man who redpilled me to the core. I still listen to his content now and then especially when I take my dog for a walk so I can relax a little bit and focus on his words. His teachings need to be spread to as many men as possible. Unfortunately many still fall into the blue pill fantasy of “happy ever after”. Anyways, forever thank you Tom. Greetings from Italy.

    • Capt. No-Marriage said

      Hey what’s up brother! I think one of the things that helped drive his points home was back when he was on the air women would call in to try and set him straight which never worked. Usually they would just prove his point. I think he was a great entry way into the red pill because he just brought up stuff that you could look back at your life and see it too. I still like to listen to him and his “Women Are Dreamkillers” monologue is a true classic.

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